I need to report a bug and need help for my account

I have been waited for about 20days

and I fianlly got an email and it says my account is banned permanently.

"This is a notification that your account was found in violation of our Code of Conduct. We have issued a permanent ban for 3rd Party Programs/Hacking. For extreme or repeated violations, we are forced to take severe action which resulted in the closure of your account."

This is what I got from GM Jaradus

I already expalained I had a bug that my character started fall into water and underground
when I tried to grab a wheel of my farmcart and ships. It happened several times on Nov.1-2
and I got banned on Nov 2.

I appealed as soon as I found out that my account was banned.

I have never used 3rd party program or hacks in my life

I need more explaination. When did i use 3rd time program or hacks ?

I have been playing Archeage since Alpha, and I lost my account for no reason

I need to know exactly what is going on

I cannot accept permanent ban on my account because I have never done anything aganist your codes or rules.

Question Reference # 141102-002252

This is my previous ticket number

Question Reference # 141120-001042

This is my new ticket number I just got