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Thread: My fiance lost patron months in Glyph!

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    Exclamation My fiance lost patron months in Glyph!

    So, i had the same problem. I had 1 month 30 days of patron i should have had 5 months - just like the title says, and waited for Live chat over 2h, in the end the GM that was on live chat didn't help me, so i wrote a ticket and another GM helped right away and i just had to restart my game to fix my glyph patron days and it worked! For which i want to thank him!

    So now my finace was missing 29 days of patron - over 1 week ago (he should have 5 months also - currently he must have 1 month and 115 days!). Today Glyph changed to 1 month and 27 days for him?!?!?!?!??! He had his ticket open for OVER a week now just to get closed by a GM with a referance to witch the ticked still stays SOLVED???
    He just went off from Live Chat without ANY help. The GM was asking for detailed personal information which will be OFF THE RECORD??? That this parts of the conversation will be deleted???? Personal data like birth date, credit card digits, paypal info etc.... And then contacted him for this info via email afterwords?!?!
    So to answer this questions OFF the record??? What is this about?

    My ticket got solved right away without any need of this......
    Please solve this, because it's getting most ridiculous!

    Currently he opened NEW ticket:


    EDIT: We bought our Archeum Founder packs at the same time!

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    So here is another update. After another live chat conversation from 1 month and 27 days, they changed it to 1 month and 57 days!!!!!!! Now, he is STILL cutted off Patron days! He MUST have 1 month 115 days, and not be told from a GM that they can't do anything more!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ticket number:

    EDIT: To the question why he has still patron missing while we bought our Archeum Founders packs at the same time, the answer was they can't do anything more.....

    So another update: After another Live chat, we asked to get contacted by someone higher, because they refuse to fix this mistake!!!

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