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    still waiting on caliel

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrenaline View Post
    This is amazing.
    ofc it is dude. i'm in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfbandit View Post
    Like it! Did 9 years as Army Military Policeman. I'll tell you this. I would like nothing better for the U.S. to go to isolationalism and let the rest of the world fend for itself. Except for England, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the rest of the Western Hemisphere.
    We tried this once, why there was 2 World Wars

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    This is my first post so i hope you guys will notice it.
    How about Calleil Server? I only have 1 toon and its on that server, can we have updates about that server too? please.

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    Hi all!

    I know that some of you are on servers that are still down, or servers that are still experiencing lag issues. Here's how we're working through the servers ...

    Step 1 - bring up servers that are down
    Step 2 - bring down & fix servers that are lagging

    Those of you who are on servers who are lagging (especially Tahyang and Salphira) we appreciate your patience while we bring the servers up for folks who have not been able to long in for a while.

    Keep an eye out on these forums & twitter for updates as the servers come up!

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    Do we know approximately how long we will have 8+hour queue times like this?

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    So I'm guessing Kyrios and Ollo will be available ~9:45 to 10 based on the other servers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuvix View Post
    And you are generalizing all Americans. What's your point, fool?
    He won't see that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by synyst3r View Post
    again..they are all up and have been for awhile now...

    Check again, EU servers crashed few hours before NA servers.

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    Please hurry up with Calleil!

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