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I do agree that a given timeframe should be adhered to however:

I am one of the folks that finally got a piece of land (16x16). The spot was red(demo notice)for days before the " " of 2014. The land went down on Sunday.. during the initial ups and downs of the server I logged in and when I did my checks of the area... it was available. I did what anyone would do that actually needs land for reasons other than selling to the highest bidder.

Here is my issue with rolling things back:

If they somehow decided to go back and once again its taxes due .. and the owner doesn't pay... I have basically zero chance to getting that land. Our server is alive with folks that (have better ping lol wink wink nudge nudge). With my typical lag in the game... they can build the house before I see the flames.

So although I know this affects you, it also affects those legit players that just got VERY lucky that most of the land-barons were not on or near at the time.

I myself cannot think of one single way Trion can manage this fairly. And given that, doubt there will be any land returning to previous owners. It would punish some who gained land via "normal" play of the game.

No matter what, some are going to feel the pain... but realistically, this is a watershed event for AA and I still hope years from now when someone new gives AA a try... we the elders can shake our head every time they complain about the little things... and tell them-- "You don't know %$&%, you should have been here in 2014".
Rollback arguement is moot, no reason for further discussion at this time ... How things "may" be handled in the future "may" be different.

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Will there be a server rollback?

No, a server rollback is not planned.
The remainder in reference to the tax system, more to come. PTS first hopefully to check for flaws etc.

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Also refinements that will be needed for the esculating tax system upto 5 weeks paid in advance;

Along with Trion's single glyph account policy to match the intended escualtive tax certificate placement & costing design of ArcheAge as to not give one player a huge cashshop and/or gold used to purchase tax certificates advantage by needing a lot less due to multi-accounts over another who plays as intended, 1 glyph account used per participant (Multi from the same household locked until verified);

A fair and balanced system that all use - Equality!