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1) Could you quantify special issues for us? Like special issues, go get some sleep and we'll update you in the morning, or special issues like we're close, just not quite there.
Special like I don't have an ETA. We have been dealing with a combination of database and network issues and they seem to be affecting Inoch and Calleil differently than the other servers, so it's taking longer to resolve their issues.
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2) I was online when Caliel was brought down on Sunday morning. Speaking with others in my guild, none of us were experiencing any issues when you brought the servers offline. If ours was brought down then because other servers were having issues, why are the other servers on while we sit and wait?
Unfortunately, the server crashed due to the combination of the network and database issues I mentioned above. These same issue are being challenging when we're trying to bring the server up.
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3) Like many others I pay to play the game. It's dirt cheap entertainment and it's fun when I can get online, i'm not going to threaten to take my money elsewhere, because there really aren't many options right now. That said, a little respect from your team for the time of those who are paying your salary would go a long way. An ETA isn't written in stone, but it lets people budget time better. 2 Hours ago if you'd told me that server had "Special issues" and likely wouldn't be on before 8am PST on DEC 2, i'd have gone to bed.
Two hours ago I still had hope of getting the rest of the NA servers up tonight, but now that we know more, we realize that it will likely be tomorrow before those servers are up.
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