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Thread: Problems in the property Pumpkin Head

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    Problems in the property Pumpkin Head

    Good morning team

    The problem persists as'm sending new print, but the house that was on top disappeared, but has two scarecrows still on top, I've paid taxes, and already I'm planting my trees and grains, but I have no access to my own scarecrow ... I remember the others are in status of UNPAID .... Please Pack it and release my all-access my property .... Thanks and I look yet ...
    Please repair my property, I need to use it fully and I am using in part because of this bug, I sent three messages to the support and no answer ... Help me yet and I grant the right to use my property, I'm paying user only look at the history, I await urgent a position .... thank ... Darkspell

    PS. Send 2 ticket for suportt 3 days ago and continue waiting...

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    I'm wait and Thank's

    Darkspell - Server OLLO - place Gweonid Forest - near trade pack -
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    One GM ask me for post here:

    [10:05:12 AM] GM Amariel: My apologies again for the wait. Thanks for the report regarding housing, and we will be forwarding this along to the ArcheAge team. As Trion Worlds is not the developer for ArcheAge, we need as much support for bugs/feedback as we can get from players. For future reports, please post on our forums for this type of issue, which can be found below:


    But no Answer nothing yet...... Please Look and help me..... Darkspell

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