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Thread: ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.1: Patch Notes

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    ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.1: Patch Notes

    The following build will be applied to the Alpha server during this posted maintenance: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...-AM-PT-(GMT-7)

    Known Issues:
    - System Mail with Taxes Due is unpayable - bandaid fix in progress
    - Patron icon loads UI that hangs

    The following patch notes do not include Trion’s custom gameplay changes, which will appear in an upcoming Beta candidate build. These custom changes include (but may not be limited to):
    - Addition of Gilda Star traders to cross-continental trade routes.
    - Adjustment of stolen trade pack split from 40% turn-in value returned to creator down to 20% returned to creator.
    - Additional Gilda Stars granted through sub-level 30 PvE relative to sailboat and small house costs.
    - Removal of Bounty Hunter Cloak Arrest and Instant Judgment abilities.
    - 45 Minute AFK Kick

    Some strings will still be displayed in Korean in this build due to the rapid turnaround from delivery to Alpha. In addition, some pre-1.2 English strings may be out of date in terms of numbers or functionality. Expect these to be corrected ASAP in future updates.

    The Marketplace (credit store) will not yet be available with this update.

    Please keep in mind that these patch notes have come through the compiling of multiple source builds and then translation. This is the first (and probably only!) time we’re going through this process at such a scale. We’ll endeavor to correct any errors as quickly as possible!

    1.0 + 1.2 PATCH NOTES

    * Existing characters will receive a free skill tree respec with this update due to the significant skill changes below.

    Added new character stats:
    * Healing Power:
    - Contributes to Healing skills, rather than Magic Attack.
    - Healing Power is increased by Spirit; itemized on Clubs and Great Clubs.
    * Focus:
    - This stat decreases the rate at which the target's Parry, Evade, and Block cancel out your attacks.
    - Higher Focus decreases the target's chance to Parry/Block/Evade.
    - Raised by item stats.
    * Resilience:
    - This stat decreases your attacker's critical hit rate against you, as well as the additional critical bonus damage you take.
    - Higher resilience means a lower chance of getting critically hit, and lowered critical damage received when you do.
    - Raised by item stats.
    * Toughness:
    - Decreases damage taken during PvP.
    - Reduces additional damage above and beyond your Physical and Magic defense, damage reduction, etc.
    - Toughness is only increased by item stats.
    * Modified damage and heal amounts of all skills; weapon and character stats are more relevant to calculations.
    * Magic Defense and Physical Defense: If a character's Magic Defense is equal to its Physical Defense, the two are equally effective.
    * Reduced the aggro impact of health regen skills (health over time).
    * Increased Attack Speed on the Dual Weapons buff to 10% from 8%.
    * Weapons have a higher base Attack.
    * Increased the relevant damage gain per stat point from 0.1 to 0.2, and Stamina hit point gain from 8 to 12.
    * Increased the amount of hit points gained per level.
    * Spirit no longer affects health and mana regen in combat; only gear and item stats affect this rate.
    * Added "Ignore Magic Defense" effect.
    * Instrument skills only affect the players in your own party (does not extend to everyone in the raid)
    * Instruments now have usage cooldowns. Different instruments do not share a cooldown.
    * Damage dealt increases when the character is higher level than an NPC.
    * Adjusted the amount of added experience gained when in a party from 0-15% to 3-9%, based on group size.
    * Changing weapons in combat triggers a 2-second global cooldown.

    * Added new active skill Snipe and passive skills Eagle Eyes and Feral Claws.
    * Charged Bolt now requires Archery level 1.
    * Piercing Shot now requires Archery level 3.
    * Changed Endless Arrows: Was a Shadowplay level 20 skill, now an Archery level 10 skill.
    * Changed Deadeye: Reduced Attack boost effect; increased cooldown from 9 to 18 sec.
    * Changed Snare: Now requires Archery level 25; added removal of Shackle when skill is triggered; added -20% reduction of Physical/Magic damage received for 3 sec.
    * Changed Boneyard: Changed from Magic damage to Ranged damage; decreased cooldown from 60 to 45 sec.
    * Decreased Concussive Arrow cooldown from 36 to 30 sec.
    * Decreased Missile Rain cooldown from 45 to 36 sec.
    * Changed Intensity: Removed Aftereffect; decreased skill duration from 30 to 15 sec; decreased cooldown from 90 to 60 sec.
    * Changed Wild Instincts: Removed basic bow attack boost; decreased Move Speed boost from 10% to 8%.
    * Decreased Evasion's ranged evasion boost from 14% to 8%.
    * Removed Marksman's ranged accuracy boost.
    * Disabled use of other skills while casting Missile Rain.

    * Added new active skill Mirror Warp and passive skills Inspiration Cloak, Magic Condenser.
    * Decreased Conversion Shield duration from 9 to 8 sec.
    * Changed the amount of Max HP boost from Health Lift.
    * Changed Shrug It Off: Decreased duration from 7 to 4 sec; added -50% to Magic Damage received for skill duration; decreased cooldown from 25 to 24 sec.
    * Decreased Unassailable cooldown from 3 to 2 sec; added 30 sec cooldown.
    * Changed Improved Targeting's +2% magic critical hit rate to +2% melee critical hit rate.

    * Added new active skill Behind Enemy Lines and passive skills Reckless Charge and Weapon Mastery.
    * Increased Triple Slash's chance to reset Charge and Behind Enemy Lines from 9% to 15%.
    * Decreased Charge cooldown from 15 to 12 seconds.
    * Decreased Whirlwind Slash cooldown from 15 to 12 seconds.
    * Decreased Sunder Earth cooldown from 24 to 21 seconds.
    * Bondbreaker skill now grants -50% decreased Physical Damage for 3 seconds; increased cooldown from 12 to 24 seconds.
    * Changed Precision Strike's critical hit rate to 30% and critical damage Bonus to 100%.
    * Decreased Frenzy cooldown from 120 to 90 seconds.
    * Changed Battle Focus: Added +30% Damage to melee critical hit; Battlerage skills will consume -42% mana; decreased cooldown from 45 to 42 seconds.
    * Decreased Weapon Maneuvers’ melee attack boost from 8% to 5%.
    * Added +8% melee critical hit rate to Dual-Wield Proficiency.
    * Changed Attack Speed Training: Removed attack speed +4%; added Battlerage skill cooldown reduction of 10%.
    * Changed Puncture: Decreased duration from 7 to 5 seconds; decreased physical piercing debuff from 3000 to 2000.
    * Increased Bondbreaker skill duration from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.

    * Added new active skill Seizing Shove and passive skills Shield of Steel, Spry Fortress, and Ursine Roar.
    * Changed Refreshment: Increased base Max HP boost; removed cooldown (previously 60 sec).
    * Boastful Roar now attacks with 100% of the accumulated Mettle rather than 50%.
    * Removed cooldown on Toughen (previously 60 sec).
    * Increased Revitalizing Cheer's additional HP regen amount from 30% of Mettle to 50% of Mettle.
    * Removed Redoubt's Attack Speed boost.
    * Changed Ollo's Hammer: Deals Physical Damage instead of Magical.
    * Changed Supplemental Block: Blocking melee/ranged attacks increases block rate +15% for 5 sec.
    * Added a 30 sec cooldown to Shield Edge.
    * Changed Guardian: Removed Physical Defense and Magic Defense boosts, increased aggro boost from 15% to 50%.
    * Changed Bear's Vigor: Removed -20% to Stun and Tripped effects; HP regen boost went from +4% to +800.

    * Added new active skill Death's Vengeance and passive skills Macabre Reach and Death's Beckoning.
    * Changed Mana Stars: Removed the combo effect of Distressed that triggers from stacked Mark of Death; the skill now deals 2% more damage at a time, up to a 20% boost.
    * Changed Summon Crows: Duration changed to 5 sec; target's Accuracy reduction is now -25%.
    * Increased Enhanced Mana Recovery's mana regen per second from 4 to 7.
    * Changed Reprisal: Increased duration from 6 to 10 sec; decreased magic critical hit rate from 56% to 20%; added a 30 second cooldown.
    * Decreased out of combat mana regen gained from Caster's Enrichment to 15 per second from 30.
    * Changed Overpowered Spell Locus: Removed stacked effect; Magic attack damage boost is now 15%.
    * Intensified Harm: Added a 30 second cooldown.

    * Added new active skill Throw Dagger and passive skills Loophole and Shadow Mastery.
    * Decreased Overwhelm cooldown from 24 to 18 sec.
    * Stalker's Mark has been changed from an Archery level 25 skill to a Shadowplay level 20 skill; increased cooldown from 24 to 27 sec.
    * Decreased Pin Down cooldown from 24 to 21 sec.
    * Changed Shadowsmite: Deals Physical damage rather than Magic damage from Bloodthirst; decreased cooldown from 30 to 24 sec.
    * Increased Disregard's aggro reduction from 15% to 20%.
    * Changed Piercing: Removed stack effect; increased base critical hit rate from 4% to 10%.

    * Added new active skill Grief's Cadence and passive skills Disciplined Performance and Allegretto.
    * Decreased base cooldown for performance skills from 3 to 2 sec.
    * Decreased base range for performance skills from 15m to 10m; decreased Loudspeaker effect's range boost from 25m to 20m.
    * Removed Critical Discord cooldown (previously 3 sec). Decreased cast time from 1.5 to 1 sec.
    * Changed Startling Strain: Decreased duration from 60 to 30 sec; increased cooldown from 24 to 30 sec.
    * Decreased Movement Speed reduction of Quickstep's Unpleasant Sensation from 50% to 30%.
    * Ode to Recovery does not recover mana.
    * Decreased Rhythmic Renewal cooldown from 120 to 90 sec.
    * Decreased the Magic Defense reduction of Bulwark Ballad's Unguarded effect from 100% to 50%.
    * Decreased Alarm Call cooldown from 60 to 45 sec.
    * Changed Uptempo's Songcraft skill cooldown reduction to -4%.
    * Decreased Loudspeaker's performance skill range boost from 25m to 20m.
    * Changed Zeal: Removed magic critical hit rate boost +32%; decreased magic damage boost from +200-400% to +150%; increased cooldown from 25 to 30 sec. Added a trigger for Critical Heals.
    * Using potions while using a performance skill does not stop the performance.

    * Added new active skill Gods' Whip and passive skills Mana Flurry and Recuperation.
    * Changed Flamebolt: Removed cast time increase that came with skill level increase; cast time is now fixed at 1 sec; skill was changed from a single-attack skill to a chain skill (up to 3 attacks at a time). Increased duration of Burning debuff from 2.5 to 3.2 sec.
    * Freezing Arrow: Increased debuff duration from 3 to 4 sec.
    * Changed Insulating Lens: Changed the amount of damage absorbed; added Trip immunity while under the effect of Insulating Lens.
    * Decreased Arc Lightning's base cast time to 2 sec (higher level = longer cast time).
    * Decreased Frigid Tracks cooldown from 60 to 45 sec.
    * Added magic critical hit rate boost to Magic Circle.
    * Increased the mana boost of Mana Pool Increase from 10% to 15%.
    * Increased Efficient Sorcery's amount of mana consumption reduction from 12% to 15%.
    * Increased Magic Precision's magic critical hit rate from 5% to 10%.

    * Added new active skill Whirlwind's Blessing and passive skills Alms and Joyous Spirit.
    * Decreased Antithesis' range from 30m to 25m.
    * Increased Mirror Light cooldown from 15 to 18 sec.
    * Decreased Skewer cooldown from 20 to 18 sec.
    * Increased Mend cooldown from 21 to 24 sec.
    * Increased Infuse cooldown from 9 to 15 sec.
    * Changed Renewal: Decreased cooldown from 2 to 1 sec; changed to heal a fixed amount regardless of Healing Power stat.
    * Increased Fervent Healing cooldown from 9 to 30 sec.
    * Decreased Twilight cooldown from 180 to 120 sec.
    * Decreased Painful Recharge's mana absorption from 7% to 3%.
    * Increased Quick Recovery cooldown from 20 to 30 sec.
    * Changed Invigorated Healing's +15% healing boost on certain skills to +50% healing boost on all healing skills when maximized.
    * Defiance has been changed to affect party members and not raid members.
    * Changed the description on [Revive] from "Restores lost XP" to "Restores lost XP in the same amount as respawning at a Nui Statue".

    * Added new active skill Fiend's Knell and passive skills Illusion's Favor and Enshroud.
    * Decreased Bubble Trap cooldown from 45 to 39 seconds.
    * Decreased Focal Concussion cooldown from 30 to 27 seconds.
    * Decreased Dahuta's Breath cooldown from 27 to 21 seconds.
    * Decreased Folding Time's cast time reduction from 6% to 4%.
    * Changed Magic Detection: Removed +15% Magic Defense and reduced range of Magic Damage; added +500 Magic Defense.
    * Changed Mitigation: Removed -30% to all damage received; added -30% melee damage received (30 second internal cooldown).
    * Decreased Baleful Recharge mana regen from 3% to 2%.
    * Added combo effect to Augment Witchcraft: Fiend's Knell summons a stronger fiend.
    * Increased the HP and Attack of the Wailing Dead summoned by [Fiend's Knell] from 100% to 120%.


    * Removed Battle Recruiter and Gladiator Recruiter from the respawn west of Ynystere.
    * Added Battle Recruiter and Gladiator Recruiter to Austera and Seachild Wharf.
    * Updated the Arena entry UI.
    * Characters that are dead at the end of an Arena match now respawn automatically.
    * Decreased Honor granted by winning a match from 100 to 50.
    * Decreased Honor granted by losing a match from 20 to 10.
    * Decreased Honor granted by killing an enemy during a match from 4 to 3.
    * Decreased Honor gained by assisting a kill during a match from 3 to 2.
    * Added Gladiator Arena.
    - Enter via Gladiator Recruiters in Marianople, Seachild Wharf, Austera, Caernord, and Growlgate Isle.
    - Win condition: Kill the enemy twice.
    - Most skills, potions, and items can be used in the Gladiator Arena.
    - Some items such as gliders and mounts are unavailable.
    - Skills such as stealth have half their normal duration.
    * Victory grants 20 honor, defeat 5. 30 Honor is granted for each enemy kill.
    * Added relevant introductory quests and a daily quest for the Gladiator Arena.

    * Adjusted items on Honor Merchants.
    - Blood Archeum Shard and Crystal removed; Blood Archeum Crystal can be purchased from general merchants.
    - Added 18 new items; 5 battle-related potions.
    * Shining Lightning Essence is now sold for 30,000 Honor Points, instead of Vocation Badges.
    * Moved some weapons to the Weapon Merchants.

    * You can now gain experience for player kills during War.
    - No experience will be awarded if the target is in Leech mode (recently killed).
    - Does not apply in Sieges.
    * Assists gain experience as follows, separate from killing blow:
    - Most damage dealt: 30% of experience value
    - Most heal provided: 20% of experience value
    - Second highest heal provided: 10% of experience value.
    * Golden Plains Battle: Dying to an NPC summoned during the battle no longer causes experience loss.

    * Nui's Tears can no longer be obtained; existing Tears can be sold to merchants.
    * Refined Hereafter Stones can no longer be obtained; existing items can be converted to Hereafter Stones.
    * Added Lunagems, which can be socketed on Weapons and Armor.
    * Increased the maximum stack size to 1,000 for most general material items.
    * Adjusted the effects and shop price of some consumables.
    * Added new types of potion and food consumables granted as quest rewards.
    * Adjusted the coin granted from coinpurses.
    * Modified Treasure Maps:
    - Maps can now only be found in party hunting areas in certain zones (Solzreed Peninsula, Falcorth Plains, Silent Forest, Gweonid Forest, Arcum Iris, Halcyona, Rookborne Basin). Now only come in Rare, Arcane, and Heroic grades.
    - Gilda Stars and Nui Tears are no longer rewarded.
    - Opening a Treasure Chest now costs 50 Labor.
    - Updated drop tables on Treasure Chests.
    * Increased the merchant price of Auroria Mineral Water tickets.
    * Acquiring sunken treasure now costs Labor.
    * Changed the labor cost of experience restoration at respawn.
    * Players no longer lose experience when killed by Guard NPCs.
    * Opening coinpurses now contributes to Larceny proficiency.
    * Changed icons for the coinpurses dropped by mobs.
    * Added exclamation marks to quest-giving items' icons.


    * Adjusted the hit points and attack power of general mobs in the field.
    * Increased the experience gained from killing mobs.
    * Adjusted mob levels in the following zones:
    - Haranya: Rookborne Basin, Solis Headlands, Ynystere, Mahadevi
    - Nuia: Dewstone Plains, Sanddeep, Hellswamp, Halcyona, Cinderstone Moor.
    * Changed the amount of materials required to craft certain Red Dragon items.
    * Dying to mobs of ‘Origin’ difficulty rating does not cause experience loss.

    * Level 1-20 zones have been polished (Gweonid Forest, Lilyut Hills, Dewstone Plains, Solzreed Peninsula):
    - Improved quest flows between Story Quests and Zone Quests.
    - Improved map display of roads and paths.
    * Solzreed Peninsula: Improved mob hunting areas in Sunken Bay, added Signpost Quests.
    * Gweonid Forest: Improved mob hunting areas in Windswept Ruins, added Signpost Quests.
    * Lilyut Hills: Added Oblivion Rift event. Occurs every day at 2:00pm and 2:00am. Added Oblivion Rift quests given by an NPC in Riverspan.
    * Dewstone Plains: Adjusted certain mob difficulties.
    * Dewstone Plains: The entrance to Sharpwind Mines is now wider.
    * Dewstone Plains: Improved NPC spacing in Hellsdame Oasis.
    * Marianople: Now with core service NPCs and merchants. Also added Salvage Forges.
    * Cinderstone Moor: Seachild Wharf now has core service NPCs and merchants.
    * Cinderstone Moor: Relocated the Fugitive's Road respawn point.
    * Halcyona: Made the bridge between Halcyona and Hellswamp larger.

    * Level 1-20 zones have been polished (Arcum Iris, Falcorth Plains, Tigerspine Mountains, Mahadevi):
    - Improved quest flows between Story Quests and Zone Quests.
    - Improved map display of roads and paths.
    - Modified terrain between Silent Forest and Falcorth Plains.
    * Arcum Iris: Improved hunting areas in Snake Eye Den, added Signpost Quests.
    * Arcum Iris: Dying near Widesleeves now actually sends you to a respawn near Widesleeves.
    * Falcorth Plains:
    - Improved hunting areas in Drakeflight Cavern, added Signpost Quests.
    - Improved map of Bleakbreath Cave.
    - Adjusted the Crumbling Dahuta Statue in Bleakbreath Cave so it's more visible and the use effect occurs more quickly.
    * Tigerspine Mountains: Added Clockwork Rebellion event. Occurs every day at 2:00pm and 2:00am. Added Clockwork Rebellion quests given by an NPC in the Junkyard.
    * Mahadevi: Austera now has core service NPCs and merchants.
    * Mahadevi: Added a respawn point on the road from City of Towers to Mahadevi Port.
    * Mahadevi: Merchant Ashram no longer wanders away while engaged in transactions.
    * Mahadevi: Modified quest and mob levels in the Herb Farm area.
    * Perinoor Ruins: Adjusted some mobs’ levels.
    * Rookborne Basin: Adjusted some NPC locations; changed the accept location of the ‘Message From the Dead’ quest.
    * Solis Headlands: Added roads to the housing province on the cliffs near Halo Hollow.
    * Solis Headlands: Improved the crafting plaza in Austera. Also added Salvage Forges.
    * Ynystere: Caernord now has core service NPCs and merchants.
    * Hasla: Increased the drop rate of Tokens from Abandoned Drill Camp mobs.
    * Villanelle: Villanelle guards have been changed to Haranya Alliance Guards and Sentries.

    * Changed respawn time of the Treasure Mimics on Auroria.
    * Delphinad's Legacy no longer spawns.
    * Sungold Fields: Modified the locations of blocked areas on the map.

    * Added Rough Sea Winds to all seas; decreases glider speed by 50%.
    - You may gain the Turbulence debuff while gliding over the sea.
    - Turbulence makes gliders difficult to control, and may perform random movements.
    - Turbulence can interfere with some glider skills.
    - Some high level gliders are not affected by Turbulence.
    - This version uses the reduced Turbulence effect from Korea Patch 1.2.
    * Arcadian Sea: Evaluated Growlgate Isle NPCs to ensure core services and merchants are present.
    * Temporarily disabled spawning of Castaway Shipwrecks.
    * Disabled 'The Garden of the Goddess' quest.
    * Feuille Sound: Relocated the friendly local jellyfish.

    * Upgraded the stats of lower-level dungeon rewards.
    * Lowered general difficulty in Sharpwind Mines, Burnt Castle Armory, Palace Cellar, and Hadir Farm.
    * Repair Benches are now summonable with Hereafter Stones in Serpentis and Sea of Drowned Love.

    * Adjusted entry and exit locations.
    * Added Exit button to the top right corner of the screen. This allows you to leave Mirage Island from any location.
    * Changed pricing and sales method on some items.
    * Added Fellowship Plaza design.
    * Added Sunlight Salvage Forge design.
    * Changed furniture purchase methods. Small furniture and decor is purchased as complete items via gold. Regular furniture is now purchased as designs via gold.
    * Auroria Mineral Water can only be obtained on Auroria. Tickets are no longer sold on Mirage Isle, and the water is no longer sold at ports.
    * Changed pricing from Nui's Tears to Gilda Stars on items that previously required Nui's Tears.


    * Improved Traveler's Campfire.
    - Removed Blue Salt from campfire ingredients.
    - Renamed Add Blue Salt action to Finish Cooking.
    - Renamed Pork Cookfire to Meat Cookfire.
    - Changed ingredients for Meat Cookfire from 3 Pork to 9 Trimmed Meat.
    - Changed Trout Cookfire duration to 20 minutes.
    * Updated potion and food consumables' effects and item descriptions.
    * Changed the effect of using Wild Ginseng.
    - Increased cooldown from 60 seconds to 10 minutes.
    - Changed from full health restore to restoring 20,000 health.

    * Updated items sold on Vocation Badge merchants.
    * Updated items sold on Honor merchants.
    * Removed Potion and Food merchants.
    * Updated the list of items sold by different merchant types.
    * Shining Lightning Essence is now sold by Honor merchants for 30,000 Honor.
    * Auroria Mineral Water tickets are no longer sold on Mirage Isle.
    * Auroria Mineral Water is no longer sold at Nuian or Haranyan ports.
    * Moved several weapons sold from Honor Merchants to regular Weapon Merchants.

    * Dungeon boss drops can no longer be disintegrated with Evenstones.
    * Changed name and equip level for certain weapon types (2H Weapons, Scepters, Instruments)
    - Craftsman's is now Artificer's; increased minimum level from 26 to 30.
    - Changed crafting levels for Artisan's equipment, increased minimum level from 32 to 34.
    - Conqueror's is now Illustrious; increased minimum level from 41 to 44.
    - Illustrious is now Magnificent; increased minimum level from 46 to 50.
    - Improved stats on Artificer's/Artisan's/Illustrious/Magnificent/Epherium-grade equipment.
    * Changed Clubs from offhand weapons to mainhand weapons.
    * Added Healing Power stat to Clubs.
    * Added Sockets on weapons that can be filled with Lunagems, based on weapon grade.
    * Added the Tempering feature that re-rolls base weapon damage.
    * Improved the stat bonuses of some quest rewards.
    * Added buff effects for equipping 2H Weapons and Shields.
    * Changed default weapons given to newly created Sorcerers to a Scepter and Shield.

    * Dungeon boss drops can no longer be disintegrated with Evenstones.
    * Updated set bonuses for several dungeon armor sets.
    * Plate and Cloth items of the same level now have the same Magic Defense values.
    * Added Sockets on armors that can be filled with Lunagems, based on armor grade.
    * Added the Tempering feature that re-rolls base armor defense.
    * Improved the stat bonuses of some quest rewards. Added some 4-piece set bonuses to quest rewards.
    * Added Armor Grade set effect buffs for armors of Celestial grade and above.

    * Changed Max HP and MP stats on Flame and Life type Necklaces.
    * Certain necklaces' Absorb Health/Mana stats have been changed to Ignore Magic Defense.
    * Changed Absorb 5% Health effect on Magnificent Mirage Wind Necklace to Absorb 3.5% Health.
    * Changed crafting level and equip level for some Accessories:
    - Apprentice's accessories crafting rank changed; minimum equip level increased from 10 to 20.
    - Artificer's accessories crafting rank changed; minimum equip level increased from 20 to 30.
    - Artisan's accessories crafting rank changed; minimum equip level increased from 30 to 34.
    - Conqueror's is now Illustrious; minimum equip level increased from 40 to 44.
    - Illustrious is now Delphinad.
    - Upgraded stats for Artificer's/Artisan's/Illustrious/Magnificent/Epherium-grade accessories.
    * Added additional potential accessory drops to mobs.
    * Changed the Absorb Health effect on certain cloak items to Increase Max HP.


    * Changed quest reward levels to help players feel immediately stronger after receiving the rewards.
    * Changed the awarding of quest rewards for all levels; rewards are now given as unidentified gear. Identifying it costs a small amount of labor and has a chance to proc higher grade equipment.
    * Adjusted experience and gold rewards for quests.
    - Increased experience for completing level 15-50 quests.
    - Increased gold rewarded for completing level 30-50 quests.

    * Generally adjusted some objectives and flow of racial story quests.
    * Added Gilda Stars as rewards for certain story quests.
    * In particular, early Firran story quests have been reordered and objectives changed.
    * Improved daily quest rewards.
    - Nui's Tears, Archaic Coin containers, and Vocation Badges removed from rewards.
    - Daily quests now always award experience and gilda stars.
    - Honor points are awarded only by Rift quests.
    * Changed quests given by signboards to daily quests.
    - Can now be performed once per day.
    - Reward is experience only.
    * Added two quests to introduce the Recall ability.
    * Added a bunch of quests on Auroria related to the Crimson Watch.
    * Changed some quest objectives and content for Hereafter Stone crafting guide quests.
    * Added three guide quests for item upgrading.
    * Added 4 additional daily quests that can be performed between levels 10 and 30.
    * Removed the two Cocoa Crème Puff quests.
    * Added Bound Refined Hereafter Stones as a reward for some quests.
    * Added information on Worldgates to quests that require you to use them in Ynystere and Sanddeep.
    * Added new kill quests for dungeons - Palace Cellar, Hadir Farm, Sharpwind Mines, Burnt Castle Armory. These quests reward 10 health and mana potions each.
    * Changed rewards for Exploration locations.
    * Removed Castaway Shipwreck and Special Trade quests.

    * Added Tax Certificates as the reward for the quest that grants you a Scarecrow Garden.
    * Scarecrow Garden quest is now available at level 10.
    * Modified 8 Trading quests.
    - Removed Gilda Stars and Treasure Maps from rewards.
    - Changed quest objectives.
    * Improved Blue Salt crafting title quests.
    - Changed some recipes and progression through these questlines.
    * Temporarily removed the Blue Salt title quests for Cooking and Alchemy.
    - If these are already in your journal, they can still be completed.
    - Questlines will be reworked and re-added.
    * Adjusted daily quest A Rare Perfume to require processed materials instead of rare components.
    * Adjusted target item for Foxy and Crafty to require a Basic Storage Chest.

    * Zone kill quests now grant experience and gold only.
    * Removed Nui Tears from all quest rewards.
    * Removed Lord's Order quests.
    * Decreased target item count for Grimghast Rift quests from 30 to 5.
    * Bugira's Gift quests can now be completed on Growlgate Isle.
    * Added 8 party hunting quests.
    - Improved party hunting grounds in protected Zones and placed new signpost quests.
    - Sunken Bay in Solzreed, Windswept Ruins in Gweonid.
    - Darkeflight Cavern in Falcorth Plains, Snake Eye Den in Arcum Iris.
    * Increased the Honor Points Reward for Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift quests
    * Added 3 new kill quests for dungeons
    - Haranya: Kroloal Cradle
    - Haranya: Howling Abyss, Greater Howling Abyss

    * Placing crops and animals in non-housing or farm land now costs Labor.
    * Changed property tax payment method and rates.
    - Taxes are now paid with Tax Certificates, not gold.
    - Tax Certificates can be crafted (at any house/farm nameplate or scarecrow) or purchased through loyalty tokens or marketplace.
    - Property placement deposit is paid with tax stamps.
    - Drydock tax is still paid with gold.
    - Adjusted base and higher taxes for some buildings and drydocks.
    - Auroria local tax paid to territory lords is still paid with gold.
    - Removed Auroria hunting tax.
    * You now pay the base tax plus a deposit when placing property.
    - Deposit is equal to twice the base tax, and is returned when the building is demolished.
    - Deposit is not returned if the building is demolished due to unpaid taxes.
    * Changed max limit of storage chests for each building category:
    - Private Workbench: 2
    - Small House: 2, Medium House: 3, Marine House: 3, Thatched Farmhouse: 3, Large House: 4, Manor: 5.
    - Fellowship Plaza: 4
    * Scarecrow Farms are now eligible for exchange through housing sale system.

    * Added a type of workbench that can re-seal items.
    - Sunlight Magic Infuser: Re-seals Weapons
    - Moonlight Magic Infuser: Re-seals Armor
    - Starlight Magic Infuser: Re-seals Accessories
    * Increased the Labor recharged at a Guest Bed from 80 to 100.

    * Added new building type: Fellowship Plaza
    * Designs are sold on Mirage Isle.
    * Usage Permission is always set to Open to Public.
    * Added an option to change the permission level for Fellowship Plaza Fireplace:
    - Only the characters in the owner's account can activate the fireplace.
    - Added a "Turn Off Light" function to an activated fireplace.
    - An activated fireplace is Open to Public.
    * Can be placed in Housing Province / Luxury Housing Zone. Taxes aren't affected by number of buildings you own or local(territorial) tax rate.
    * Provided by default: Mailbox, Warehouse, Auction House, General Store.
    * If placed in a zone that has regular specialties, a resident-only Specialty Workbench for that zone will be activated.
    * Resident-only Specialties Workbench is only available to characters who own property in that zone.
    * If placed in a zone that does not have regular specialties, Regal Cooking Tools will be installed instead of a resident-only Specialty Workbench.


    * Expanded proficiency ranks from 5 to 7 and adjusted their names accordingly.
    * Increased max proficiency from 50,000 to 90,000.
    * Characters must achieve max proficiency value for the rank, rather than simply upgrading to the next rank, in order to receive the rank's bonus effects.
    * Changed the amount of Labor and cast time reductions granted from gaining proficiency ranks.
    * Increased the number of specializations available to 14
    * Removed Vocation Badges from specialization expansion requirements.
    * Processing basic produce items is affected by proficiency
    Farming - Vegetables and Grains
    - Gathering - Flowers, Spices, Fruit, Aquatic produce
    - Husbandry - Meats
    * Removed Vocation Badges from crafting - these are now on resource production actions.
    * Increased the experience gained by spending Labor.
    * Spending Labor grants experience even if you are capped on Proficiency.
    * Players can now use [Shatigon's Bronze Knife] on basic resources to obtain processed materials:
    - Vegetables: Chopped Vegetables
    - Flowers: Dried Flowers
    - Spice: Ground Spices
    - Herbs: Sterilized Herbs
    - Fruits: Fruit Concentrate
    - Meats: Trimmed Meat
    * Changed the icon that appears when approaching public workbenches.
    * Added a glowing effect to workbenches to more easily distinguish them from background structures.
    * Special decor can now be crafted at Regal Workstations.
    * Apprentice gear now starts at Grand grade.
    * Changed the height of railings when building a Merchant Ship.
    * Changed Labor cost of crafting Fabric, Leather, Stone, and Iron.
    * Changed the shop prices of 29 materials that used to be crafting materials.
    * Added a Search function to the crafting folio.
    - You can search for any recipe name in the Folio regardless of your vocations.
    - You can now search for an ingredient name to find every recipe it appears in.

    * Changed items sold.
    - Added crafting materials, sport fishing bait, crafting boost scrolls, etc.
    - Removed the UCC shirt, UCC furniture, pets, lute, and flute items.

    * Changed order of interaction keys so that [F] is the "Gather" option for plants and animals that allow repeated gathering (fruiting trees, happy livestock).
    * Added confirmation popup when removing/destroying plants, trees, animals, etc.
    * Decreased the casting time of watering plants, and it no longer consumes Labor.
    * Changed max stack sizes for most initial components to 1000.
    * Rare mats now yield a number of regular mats when consumed.
    * Adjusted respawn cycle for unidentified wild plants.
    * Increased the time taken for an empty aging shelf to disappear from 2.5 minutes to 10 minutes.
    * Added new types of plants and animals that grant larger amounts of experience when harvested.

    * Changed some crops' appearance - potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, yam, peanuts, beans, turmeric, thistle, aloe, bundles.
    * Changed the labor cost for gathering Cactus.
    * Added more types of seed bundles; improved overall bundle functionality.
    * Changed Seed Bundle recipes. Seed bundles now require 15,000 proficiency to create.

    * Removed Waterlogged Lockbox and Waterlogged Sack from regular fishing catches.
    - Gilda Stars and Nui's Tears are no longer rewarded from these.
    * Decreased the time it takes to catch fish when auto-fishing (not sport fishing).
    * Changed shop prices for fish from Sport Fishing.
    * Changed Labor cost of Sport Fishing to 100 and Vocation Badges earned to 100.
    * Changed the store-bought processing material for aquatic items to Shatigon's Platinum Gloves.

    * Certain livestock now feed on Ground Grain - Hens, Geese, Ducks, Turkeys, Halcyona Chickens.
    * Added three new types of bamboo cages for hens, ducks, and geese.
    * Added five types of barns for sheep, goat, dairy cows, yata, and bear.
    - Barns also yield Warm Fertilizer, a main component in Eco-Friendly Fuel.
    * Livestock that yield materials repeatedly now have a chance of entering a [Dying] state. Dying animals are removed after one more gathering interaction.

    * Changed appearance of Juniper and Avocado trees.
    * Removed certain items that could be obtained by logging Fruiting trees.
    * Thinning an Old tree now has a chance of yielding logs.
    * Added Tree Copses: Rubber, Aspen, Maple, Bamboo, Pine.
    - Tree copses have a chance of yielding Electric Leaves, a material for Printing.
    * Fruiting trees that yield materials repeatedly now have a chance of entering a [Dying] state. Dying trees are removed after one more gathering interaction.

    * Increased Labor cost and yield of mining Iron Veins.
    * Renamed Crystal to Amethyst.


    * Changed materials for Purifying Archeum.
    * Changed Labor cost of disintegrating Archeum.
    * Removed some recipes:
    - Hulk Infusion, Mighty Hulk Infusion, Great Hulk Infusion, Blood-stained Revenge, Blood-filled Glass, Brick Wall, Healer's Chalice, Meteor Shower, Aranzeb's Miracle.
    * Added Eanna's Obsession, a potion that prevents experience loss on death once.
    * Changed several general consumable recipes.
    - Main ingredients are now processed materials.
    - Recipes require lower-tier finished products.
    * Adjusted Dye/Oil/Polish and Specialty Dye recipes.

    * Changed a few aspects of furniture crafting:
    - Added 7 Regal Workstation recipes.
    - Changed certain furniture recipes.
    - Designs for furniture crafting are sold by [Carpentry Merchants] or on [Mirage Isle].

    * Removed some food recipes and reworked food consumables.
    * Consumable food recipes now use processed materials as their main ingredients, and require finished components of lower tiers.

    * Changed Golden Teardrop Storage Chest recipe.
    * Added processed mats used in high-end crafting.

    * Removed Livestock Supplement recipe.
    * Changed Eco-Friendly Fuel recipe.

    - Changed Buoyancy Controller recipe.
    - Changed High Power Engine recipe.

    * Changed the amount of Labor required to craft Hereafter Stones, and changed the recipe to grant 3 stones per craft.
    * Magic Salvage using Evenstones is now affected by Masonry proficiency.

    Removed some recipes (Nui's Smile, Delphinad Ingot)

    * Changed Paper, Music Paper, and Blank Regrade Scroll recipes.
    * Added Weapon, Armor, and Accessory Regrade Scroll recipe.

    * Removed the Fabric recipe that uses Rags.
    * Changed the number of cotton required to make Fabric.
    * Changed Handicraft Yarn recipe.

    * Added Jousting Lance recipe.
    * Changed mats for Honor weapons.

    * Added the ability to Re-Seal items.
    * Crafted gear can be re-sealed using Salvage Forges.
    * Ingredients for re-sealing are obtained from disintegrating crafted gear.
    * Changed the Labor cost of salvaging items using Evenstones.

    * Added Item Regrade UI. Item Regrade increases the quality tier (green/blue/purple/etc) of an item.
    - When using a regrade scroll, the regrade UI opens.
    - Add the target item to see information on success, destruction, or downgrade changes.
    * Added regrade fees in proportion to the item's level and grade.
    * Enabled Accessory regrading.

    * Lunagems can be equipped to sockets in weapons and armor to add stats to these items.

    * Added new feature: Tempering.
    * Tempering: Re-rolling item stats using [Tempering Burnish].
    * Tempering a weapon re-rolls Attack, Magic Attack, and Healing Power values.
    * Tempering armor re-rolls Magic and Physical Defense values.
    * Items obtained from a [Sealed ...] item cannot be Tempered.
    * Players can use Pyramid Relics on items that have been Tempered to make it Temperable again.

    * Removed Gilda Star traders from Gweonid Forest, Marianople, Arcum Iris, Mahadevi, Falcorth Plains, Sanddeep.
    * Changed the Labor cost of selling a specialty to 60; Labor spent in sales is not affected by Commerce proficiency.
    * Decreased pricing fluctuation range from 50-130% to 70-130%.
    * Changed the schedules for pricing adjustments based on trade pack sales.
    * Made a distinction between inland and overseas trading; divided up overseas trade rewards.
    - Inland trading only rewards gold
    - Overseas trading rewards Gilda Stars or Stabilizers required for crafting:
    - Stabilized Black Charcoal Dust: Two Crowns, Solis Headlands
    - Stabilized Rock Salt Chunk: Solzreed Peninsula, Villanelle
    - Stabilized Deep Water Crystal: Cinderstone Moor, Ynystere
    - Stabilized Dragon Bone Essence: Freedich Isle
    * Changed specialties' descriptions (place of origin, where to sell, detailed info).
    * Added gold traders to Dewstone Plains and Rookborne Basin.
    * Removed existing Specialty recipes and added new ones.
    * Added a Trade Info window that displays the current market prices at various trade centers. Find it under Vocation > Trade Info in the base UI (currently in Korean).
    * Added new specialties to be crafted at a Fellowship Plaza; resident-only specialties cannot be crafted at existing Specialty Workbenches.
    * Added specialties crafted at Multipurpose Aging Shelf (23 types of Honey, Herb, Cheese specialties).
    - Removed Honey, Cheese, and Herb specific shelf designs.
    - Player can collect the specialty 3 days after installing a Multipurpose Aging Shelf.
    * Added Crafter Protection system:
    - If a specialty is sold by a player that is not its crafter, this split will be applied.
    - When a specialty is sold, 40% of the final price is sent to the crafter and 60% is sent to the seller (this will be adjusted to 20/80% in an upcoming build)
    - Because Aged specialties are not crafted items, seller receives 100% of the final price


    * Using a Worldgate or Teleport Book location consumes 1 Hereafter Stone for overland travel, and 3 Hereafter Stone for overseas travel.
    * Disabled worldgate use for 10 sec after exiting from one

    * Decreased growth time for basic mounts: Horses, Elks, Leomorphs, Snowlions.
    * Growing a mount does not cost Labor anymore.
    * Using a performance skill while under the mount's Stealth buff cancels the buff.
    * Heifers do not produce Cow Manure anymore; using existing Cow Manure produces Warm Fertilizer.

    * Placed Bait Keeper where you can purchase sport fishing baits on Fishing Boats.
    * Vehicles that consumed Morning Star Trail and Meteor Shower now consume Eco-Friendly Fuel:
    - Pirate Ship: Eco-Friendly Fuel x 20
    - Clipper/sailboat: Eco-Friendly Fuel x 15
    - Merchant Ship: Eco-Friendly Fuel x 10
    - Fishing Boat: Eco-Friendly Fuel x 5
    * Modified Submarine skills and stats
    - Shoot Torpedo: Removed targeting feature; decreased damage area; decreased range; decreased damage
    - Increased Supply Oxygen duration
    - Decreased Engine Acceleration duration
    - Decreased Scan Ships duration and radar range
    - Decreased base move speed and underwater move speed; decreased move speed with trade pack

    * Vehicles that consumed Morning Star Trail and Meteor Shower now consume Eco-Friendly Fuel.
    * Changed Draw Water skill on wagons to Make Water - can draw water without a well nearby.
    * Changed the Acceleration skill for wagons. The buff is now extended and cooldown increased from 1 to 10 seconds.


    * Changed restricted area markers on the world map, Arcadian Sea map, and Auroria map.
    * Default map at character creation displays location of common NPCs and services.
    * Removed icons for food, crafting, and alchemy merchants; changed icon for general merchant.
    * Added arrows to some city maps to indicate entrance.
    * Maps now display icons in zones that your character is not located in.
    * Changing the map size no longer skews proportions.
    * Changed the location of some map names.
    * Improved the climate icon and text display.
    * Icons for Worldgates, Mirage Isle, and Dungeons are now colored properly based on their actual portal colors.

    * Added a Search function to the crafting folio.
    - You can search for any recipe name in the Folio regardless of your vocations.
    - You can now search for an ingredient name to find every recipe it appears in.
    * Improved max view distance when riding or controlling vehicles.
    * Added NPC rank info to the NPC target window.
    - Star icons indicate NPC rank above weak/normal.
    * Using a skill with no target selected can now auto-select one.
    - All default settings for Auto-Select Target will be OFF after the update.
    - Options > Game Settings > Functionality: Auto-Select Target when Skill is Used
    * Added Camera Mode: Action or Classic modes.
    - Action Mode views the character close up with a wide camera angle.
    * Character race selection now gives information on the starting areas, continent, and hostile relations for each race.
    * Removed Total Map Transparency option from Settings.
    * Added Animation Detail slider to Quality - Detail options.
    - Higher settings allow display of high-res animations at a greater distance.
    * Improved quest Cinematic View.
    - NPC dialogue now pages left to right instead of vertical scroll.
    * Disabled use of skills and interactions while in Screenshot Mode.
    * Improved display of zone-wide battle messages (War times, Rifts).
    * Improved quest reward dialogue window.
    * In item tooltips, Critical Damage info is now displayed with a decimal place.
    * Equipped effects are now calculated on tooltips the same way they would be in the character info screen. This may cause some armor set effects to appear differently than before.
    * Consecutively gained experience is now displayed as a single sum value.

    * Improved Mail UI:
    - Changed Receive Money and Receive All buttons to images.
    - Fixed some system mail titles displaying more than once.
    - Relocated item attachment slot and the Receive Attachments button.
    - Added scrollbar to some system mails.
    * Added the option to receive all attached items from the main mailbox.

    * Changed the default items given to new characters.
    * Updated the default clothing at character creation.
    * Selecting skillsets at level 5 and 10, as well as changing skillsets, now displays a system message informing you of your new class name.
    * When characters below level 20 learn a new skill, it’s now automatically added to the first available slot on the main hotbar.
    * Certain mounts, pets, ships, consumables are now automatically added to the secondary hotbar when acquired.
    * Characters of level 10 and below who die in controlled zones can now respawn at their location of death.
    * Added a new emote skill: /pose
    * Improved Firran male default posture.
    * Improved the running motion on Dash.

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