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    It might have come up a few times here and there and this might not be the place to post this but owell.

    So lets begin.
    150 americanas for "supporting" a game that is being localizationed, in other words you pay 150 americanas for something that Trion should do on their own or athleast not make you pay 150 bucks to do their dirty work.
    Sure I would pay like 20 bucks to get into alpha but I mean seriously, 150 bucks is just a ridicolous amount and only speeks of how greedy Trion is.

    So what can we learn?
    Lets not make this to a got damn blizzard fanboy contest. With the amount of money they have gotten by putting such a high price should have gotten them ahead of the plans for final launch or athleast OBT.
    But why do such a thing when people keep paying 150 bucks for doing their work of testing alpha.

    I dont blame Trion, I blame all you that pay 150 bucks and keep deffending Trion for setting such a high price. Its you that will most likely ruin the game.

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    What's your proposition then, how should they go about asking for support funds? The reason for the higher price was, initially, because they didn't want the servers too stressed. So yeah $150 would deter quite a number of people in theory. They obviously felt that $150 was the sweet spot in pricing as to get maximum amount of funds while keeping their servers populated enough as to not stress them but get a lot of testing done. I don't think you know how companies usually start their projects. Have you never heard of kickstart? This is basically a kickstart, but instead of shares or stocks, you get ingame benefits, fitting since it is a game already developed, and not a different type of company that is in development. Their time scales are bound mostly by XL Games and not their own team so it's not up to them to just jump ahead with things. This money they have gathered, I believe a lot of it will fund the battle against exploiters, cheats, hackers and farmers, which I'm all for.
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    I was fine with paying $150. It has given me an opportunity to learn the game for launch. As someone who plans on playing this game hardcore this is very valuable to me. On top of that, a portion of the $150 wasn't really for access, it was more like pre-purchasing things we would have bought anyway(for example $75 worth of in game credits, 90 day patron status – probably a $45 value, etc).

    This is exactly how Kickstarter (which Socratic mentioned) works. Successful projects on Kickstarter generally don't just beg for money, they ask you to prepay for something. This is a new type of financing for businesses, which to me is very cool for entrepreneurs and consumers.

    Additionally, I’m sure Trion’s finance department did what we call a price elasticity of demand analysis. If they have a set number of spaces on the server they would estimate how much they could charge to match the demand with the supply and make the most money.

    For example: if they charged $1,500 for access they may only have 10 people playing on the server and make $15,000. At $1,000 a total of 100 would sign up, making them $100,000….at $150 a total of 5,000 people signed up and made them $750,000.
    There’s nothing wrong with this and you would do the same thing if you were at Trion.

    Trion is made up of employees…The developers, mail room guy, CEO and anyone else at Trion has to eat. If you think all the money is just going into the pockets of some greedy rich guy I would have to tell you you’re wrong. It is not cheap to run a business.

    Lastly, as a stakeholder in the company it is in my best interest to see the company make money and do well. This will hopefully mean a game that will run for a long time with great updates and features that I will be able to enjoy.

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