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Thread: Some things to be looked at.

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    Some things to be looked at.

    Ive checked a couple of things by playing this game, and here are some thoughts on what could be improved:

    -Spawn rates for some ressources, especially trees. It is already hard to compete with ressource collecting, and we are only in Alpha. In live release it will just be plain impossible to do gathering with the full playerbase involved. Either add more spots or increase the spawn rates for some of those.

    -The Trial. Oh boy. This thing is a joke right now. It should be much more limited, and punitions should be handled for power abuse by Jury/Judge. 95% of cases ive seen as of now are simply trollfests where they just make fun of the accusee and then just hit guilty. Some of those cases should have never been declared guilty.

    I'll try to edit and bump this list as i find other points of improvement.

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    1-yeah do that and destroy all the economy of the game! make all the crafter items worth nothing on the market. the respwan time was set so that you have to go and look for other places to gather that material and not just camp a stop just like in stupid themepark games.
    2-well i don't know about that, but the game is a sandbox, and players are given some liberty, i guess it's part of that liberty to abuse your powers from time to time.

    you should really forget your opinions gathered from themeparks. i know there are a LOT of themepark that all look alike with a difference name for so few sandbox games. and the two concepts are totally different: in a sandbox, there is no designated spawn place for a resource, there are no glows (most stupid and disengaging thing about jobs i find in most mmos). you simply look for a desired material where you would logically find it.

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