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Thread: [West - Aier] <LIBERATUM> A Pan-European casual Archeage Guild for mature players

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    [West - Aier] <LIBERATUM> A Pan-European casual Archeage Guild for mature players

    Liberatum is a guild undergoing change, we have been on the server since day one and have managed to achieve a lot together. However, a change of focus has been kicked into play and we are seeking like minded people to join our ranks.

    We are a mature guild (mostly aged 25+) who have our own lives, commitments and responsibilities outside of gaming. We come to Archeage in order to get a break from the stresses of the real world. We seek to enjoy all aspects of the game as a group and community. We want to feel like we have friends to call on in times of need and that we are there to help as well.

    We are a drama-free bunch of players that seek maturity over anything else. All members must be tolerant to the failings of other people and must not go into a rage fit when they lose their first load of fish! Our preferred mantra is "tolerance, patience, acceptance and enjoyment."

    If you are a mature gamer (age requirement 21+) with a real drive to work as a team and participate in guild chat and guild activities - we could well be the place for you.

    Our goals are open, but here are the key aspects we search for in our members:
    1) Sociability - you must be prepared to talk to your fellow guild mates and spend time together. This is after all an MMO.
    2) Helpfulness - We seek those that wish to HELP their guild members and fellow faction members.
    3) A desire to improve - you may not be the best player in the world, but you are always trying to improve yourself and do what you can to advance the guild.
    4) Not just a number - we are not searching for people to 'just be a number' in a large guild. We are after a medium sized guild that will have a friendly core that take the time to get to know one another without forming cliques and seperate 'mini-guilds'.
    5) Anti-PK - We will NOT PK other members of our faction unless otherwise attacked first. We will stand together and defend to the last if need be.
    6) Ideally active from 7pm GMT onwards and at weekends. Extra activity always welcomed!
    7) A desire to join Teamspeak and get involved.

    Our activities:
    1) PvP - Open sea red hunting, fishing/merchant protection and arena based combat.
    2) Fishing - A great chance for guild bonding and a fantastic way of drawing in number 1
    3) PvE - Running the dungeons in game and any other content we can do as a guild
    4) Trading - Though not the primary focus for most of our players, we do have merchant ships and perform trade runs to help the finances!

    We will never be a hardcore guild as the kind of time required for such endeavours far exceeds what we have to invest. That said, we still have a strong desire to achieve and to make the most of the time that we have to spend in game.We also believe that keeping a guild to a modest size emphasises the feeling of community, as opposed to large sprawling guilds that lose the personal touch.

    Liberatum are:

    * A mature "Archeage" Guild with a focus on enjoying the game in a rage-free PVE | PVP environment.
    * Family men and women with jobs, kids, husbands and wives who understand the real priorities in life.
    * Casual, relaxed and looking to treat the game as a respite from work not a second job!
    * Tolerant, patient, accepting and welcoming
    * A Guild for older players
    * A Guild for English speaking players from across Europe

    Liberatum are not:

    * A large sprawling impersonal Guild where members are numbers rather than names.
    * Demanding all of your spare time and insisting on participation in events.
    * A multi game community - we're here for ArcheAge.
    * A Guild for kids or immature players
    * A Guild to unleash your daily dose of drama on.

    Liberatum are playing the West Faction on the Aier EU server.

    Achievements To Date:

    * A good number of Naval assets
    * Regular intercontinental and domestic trade runs
    * Regular Dungeon and PvP activities
    * Guild Alliance with other like minded communities
    * Regular fishing groups

    What we provide:
    * Forums
    * Teamspeak
    * Friendly and helpful atmosphere
    * Mature and drama-free environment
    * Any form of assistance for guild members

    If you would like to know more please feel free to contact an officer (Alatrielle, Ull, Linesh, Paran), or apply to join at: http://liberatum.enjin.com/ if you are already convinced!

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    Just so people wont be disappointed if you want to join our guild, I really have to underline the fact that we are not a hardcore guild, and we do not have a massive amount of members. This means that there can be times especially during the early daytime, where there are not a lot of activity. This is simply because most of us have jobs, wives and kids we also need to take care of.

    Of course this can also be a plus to many of the older members of the server, as we really do not have any kind of requirement in regards to how much you need to be online, or how much you need to participate in the guild activity.

    We have members that are online maybe 1-2 times a week, because they have a busy life. We also have a team of dad and son that mostly just like to play the game together, and more just enjoy the social aspect of a guild in guild chat, then always participating in ALL of the guild activity. And there truly is room for all of this.

    Of course we also have some more hardcore members in the guild, but this is in no way expected of any members

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