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Yes and No. From doing alts recently from when I returned to ArcheAge, I noticed that certain commands are working like, "Level me up Fluffy, Tell me a secret Fluffy, Obsidian or Bust Fluffy, What are they saying Fluffy, and I wanna be the very best Fluffy. However, the main commands aren't working like, Shiver me timbers, x Up for an invite, Pimp my house Fluffy, You Know Nothing Fluffy, Show me your moves, and most of all, Up all night to get Fluffy! Which is the Erenor sets etc. But ye, some commands are working, but the most main commands aren't. Even standing around for hours waiting to see if Fluffy would respond, he/she doesn't. So ye.
I will check this out today. The way fluffy works is a bit odd since we have no control over any AA code. So fluffy sits entirely outside of AA and is super fragile because we have zero control over all the things it uses.

I will see what I can do.