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Thread: FedEx is Coming to Kyrios!

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    FedEx is Coming to Kyrios!

    FedEx Guild - Kyrios

    Guild Leadership
    Haineshi (Supplier)
    Mangobunny (Shipment)
    Wrathxc (Seurity)
    Our leadership at the moment is broken up into three areas:
    Supplier: one with a focus on gathering supplies.
    Shipment: The other focuses on the movement of packs—be they on land or on sea.
    Security: for those that wish to have a focus on PVP as a means of protection for our traders.

    This doesn’t mean that suppliers are not responsible for helping moving packs or that those in PVP can’t help make materials for packs. This is a team effort. However, we understand that not everyone has a merchant ship, hauler, or even land. This system is more to help inventory, help each other, and plan for events.

    We believe in a round table leadership so that all voices and opinions are heard.

    Guild Summary
    Guild Type: Commerce, Leveling/Proficiency, PVE
    Faction: East
    Server: Kyrios
    Communications: In-Game Until Further Notice
    Events: Raids, boat racing, and other shenanigans

    About Us
    FedEx is a new guild that welcomes both F2P and Patron players! As such, one of our priorities is to ensure everyone is comfortable with each other and willing to partake in adventures together, be they epic or stupid (which will be more often than not). We are small, but all new guilds start that way.

    Our main goal now is to get our name out there to get a few more members. Later on, we plan on challenging end-game PVE content and create a naval force for safe continental trades. We are NOT a pirating guild.

    Right now, we are accepting both new and experienced members. As opposed to other guilds, however, we are not as hardcore and lean towards the casual until we have more military force. Our rules are simple, but we are strict about following them. We expect everyone to cooperate and remain active!

    If you have any questions about the guild or are interested in joining, please mail/PM Haineshi, Mangobunny, or Wrathxc.

    The 5 Commandments (Rules)


    We are a no drama guild. If there is tension within the guild, as in stealing from each other or being salty, trolling, etc., you will be kicked.

    Be Social and Active

    We love to joke around and help others. Talk to your fellow guild mates or participate in guild events! This also means that you should at least be online, as in if I see your name on the list you shouldn’t be logged off for a month or so without reason.

    Do NOT steal from member of our own faction

    This means trade packs; crops; etc. I know it’s tempting, but try not to

    Do NOT scam other players

    As a trading guild, we prioritize our name. This means you can’t rip someone off on sales, such as land, APEX, etc.

    We do NOT go searching for PVP wars

    It’s okay to PVP occasionally, but we are not out for blood. If you want a war, FedEx is not for you. If you are attacked, take a screenshot! Proof is your strongest weapon!

    Recruitment Status: OPEN to all levels and classes

    FedEx is in it baby stages, so we’re looking for recruits! We’re looking for active and friendly players who enjoy PVE, adventuring, crafting, and any shenanigans we can get ourselves into. If you would like to join, please contact us via mail or whisper!

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    might want to be careful, fedex is really hardcore about copyright infringements of their logos...

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    He, he...yeah...they're legal beasts, never gonna win a lawsuit against them.
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    You shouldn't use the FedEx name or logo, if they see this they'll act on it. They're really strict about their policies.
    Always ask before using other people's materials, especially when it's a company.

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    It depends on your exposure actually. I don't think it's an issue as long as you don't have much visibility.
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    Just change the color of the letters or turn the E around and there won't be any copyright problems

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