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sure Their is been lots of downtimes but Trion has hardly stated that it was the result of a DDOS everytime. Not to mention, Trion has been removing bots, hackers, and gold farmers. So it does make sense that someone in that group might know how to ddos properly and may be initiating DDOS attacks. Unless ya work at Trion i dont think their is anything we can literaly do about it as customers except speculate and guess.
You contradicted my point, and then you reply only furthering my point.
My original point was Trion does not use the 'DDoS Card' when something goes wrong with servers. As many people are saying.
In fact I said they've only said it a few times that I can remember since launch.
Then you post a picture of them saying a DDoS attack has occurred, 2 of them... Like 2 times out of hundreds is playing the 'DDoS' card all the time..
You're last statement is way off base considering the context...