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    ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 5.0: Patch Notes

    • The new zone of Diamond Shores is now available! Far across the Arcadian Sea, and to the west of the existing Auroria zones, this highly contested region benefits from unique access to the Ayanad Library, a variety of conveniences, and multiple climates.
      • For North America and Europe, Diamond Shores is a contested zone that cycles through the war and peace stages. Honor can be earned in Diamond Shores during war. Areas around the Library and the hubs outside are protected similarly to Nui statues.
      • For more details on Diamond Shores, see the Secrets of Ayanad Spotlight: Diamond Shores article.
    • The ruins of the Ayanad Library have been discovered and opened to adventurers. The Ayanad Library is a massive construction unlike any other seen in Erenor, consisting of three floors with dozens of rooms as well as boss and ring-event fights. Each level comes in three open instances that anyone can enter and leave at will, regardless of faction or group status.
    • The maximum character and skill tree levels have been increased to 55!
      • One additional skill point is earned for each level above 50, resulting in a total of 28 skill points at max level.
      • The amount of experience required for each level from 50-55 has been adjusted in our region, and is lower than the original Korean region requirements.
      • For more details on the new level cap, see the Secrets of Ayanad Spotlight: Level 55 article.
    • New active skills are available in each skill tree at level 55:
      • Archery: Snipe A long range, high damage shot that deals damage to everything in its path.
      • Auramancy: Mirror Warp Readies an option for 5 seconds to strafe-teleport left or right on command.
      • Battlerage: Behind Enemy Lines A targeted AoE that launches the character forward while snaring and damaging enemies in the targeted area.
      • Defense: Fortress Shoves enemies away while pulling allies closer. Provides a short-term damage reduction to pulled-in allies.
      • Occultism: Death's Vengeance Deals area damage within 15 meters when you die.
      • Sorcery: God's Whip Damages all enemies in range with a blast of energy. Can be used multiple times in quick succession.
      • Shadowplay: Throw Dagger A short-range AoE that damages the target as well as nearby enemies. Also debuffs anyone hit with decreased movement, attack, and casting speeds.
      • Songcraft: [Perform] Grief's Cadence Reduces the duration of negative effects on your allies, and increases the duration of negative effects on an enemy.
      • Vitalism: Whirlwind's Blessing Boosts attack and movement speeds of your allies while debuffing your enemies in a large area.
      • Witchcraft: Fiend's Knell Summons a Weeping Dead ally to attack nearby aggressive targets.
    • All initial six tiers of Obsidian Weapons can now be crafted, and the materials for these weapons can be obtained throughout the world.
    • Ayanad Costumes can be crafted with materials obtained in the Ayanad Library. These three costumes can all be crafted at a special crafting bench just outside the Ayanad Library using the following materials:
      • 100 Ayanad Costume Design Scraps
      • 70 Enchanted Skeins
      • 50 Disciple's Tears
      • 400 Gilda Dust
      • 10 Blood Archeum Crystals
    • Experia Sunflower, Duck, Pumpkin, and Pine patches can now be crafted at a Farmer's Workstation. These are large crops that grant experience instead of items when they are harvested.
    • Borderless windowed mode is now available under Options > Screen > Screen Mode.
    • Inverted mouse axis is now available under Options > Functionality > Scroll down to the bottom of this pane.
    • Trade chat is now faction-wide instead of zone specific.
    • When placing new property, if you have two placed properties with unfinished construction, you will be blocked from placing any more. If you have more than two unfinished properties, you will need to reduce that number (through completion or demolition) to bring that number below two before you can claim additional land. Fellowship Plazas do not count towards this limit.
    • Monsters in Sungold Fields and Exeloch that were previously capped at level 50 are now uncapped and drop Obsidian Weapon components.
    • The proficiency requirements to craft Illustrious through Delphinad tier gear have been reduced or removed.
    • Calamitous Vyrava can now be properly summoned with Timespace Scrolls.
    • The "Ghost of the Royal Tomb" quest no longer displays a system string when interacting with the Royal Stone Coffin.
    • The "Harvest the Cotton" quest can now be completed properly.
    • The "Trouble at the Weeping Mine" quest can now be completed properly.
    • The Mirage Donkey's incorrectly high strafe and backup speeds have been fixed.
    • This update will be available for download via Glyph during announced EU and NA game update server downtime windows. Please visit our Server Status forum for details.
    • Looking to try out the new content early? The Public Test Server has been updated with this latest patch and is available now.

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    Library Index Giftbox Promotion
    * The first character you log in each day will receive an in-game mail containing a Library Index Giftbox.
    * The Library Index Giftbox holds 1 bound Tyrenos's Index and 10 bound Golden Library Index.
    * This promotion is scheduled to run until the end of March 24th, UTC timezone.

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    Known Issue: Planted experia patches appear to have had their growth timers restarted by today's server maintenance. We're looking into this bug with XLGAMES.

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