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    Discover the Secrets of Ayanad, Now Live!

    Gather your allies and prepare for adventure: the Secrets of Ayanad update is live! Log in today to explore Diamond Shores, a zone teeming with new challenges, treasures, and arcane power.
    • Gain 5 new character levels unlocking new skill points and max-level abilities.
    • Uncover the secrets of Ayanad Library, a multi-dimensional dungeon home to colossal enemies and epic rewards.
    • Forge mighty Ayanad and Obsidian Weapons with new and unique stat combinations.
    • Discover new housing districts in Diamond Shores plus new recipes, costumes, and more.
    • Packed with goodies and patron time, all-new Secrets Packs are now available!


    Read the full article on the website.

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    Where's the quests about obsidian weapons?

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    If you get out of the Library, you will get on a not secured spot, free ganking for all, already killed at respawn, no chance to do anything. Fix this pls, put the spawn point leaving the Library into safe a zone.

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