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Thread: Most Disappointing Patch Ever

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    Most Disappointing Patch Ever

    I'm sorry to whoever the developers are, but you owe an apology to the game founder. You've really dropped the ball. The idea behind the game is really good, but I think I can speak for everyone by saying nobody wants a more grindy hasla 2.0 with elite mobs. Not my idea of fun. Maybe add some interesting bosses or something? This patch was nothing more than oh we released a grind fest tower hopefully that will satisfy the players. Get your ♥♥♥♥ together, pardon my language, but people want epic boss fights and awesome encounters not a massive grind fest.

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    This isn't a PVE game bruh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zxerkciez View Post
    people want epic boss fights and awesome encounters.
    In other words you want to play WoW....please go and make it happen then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zxerkciez View Post
    awesome encounters
    like pokemon?

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    Just in case you missed; there is Bosses in library, quite challenging also, like you wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Great White Tsundere View Post
    This isn't a PVE game bruh.
    then why did they release this PVE grindfest update? bruh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noaani View Post
    "hey, thanks for giving me more rewards for this thing I get, but why are you not also giving me more of this thing you give me?"

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    Just can't really feel bad for anyone who dislikes the patch. This was a patch that you should of known was coming as its been out before our version for quite some time, so the information was out there that it was going to be like this.

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    dont want to grind?

    activate credit card

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    well after few years on l2 pure grind game - lvling in aa isnt big problem:>
    but ..
    - i want more instances
    - i want more bosses in open words (like was in l2 example)
    - too bad we dont have guild wars yet..hope they will add it in 1.8..
    - archeum drops suxx, as we all know we have princes bags - 100 labors and its drop ♥♥♥♥, 2-3gold..
    150 labor bags -also drop ♥♥♥♥s -1 dust? 1 shard? cmon its 150 labor
    -libary coinpurses for 15 labor -drop mega ♥♥♥♥ crap -opened over 90 from last 1 hours and got big nothing

    but im giveing chance to AA stil, its young game yet..maybe with patch 17a 17b and 1.8 will be more and more fun
    hope they add pvp zones on lvl 2-3 libary
    also archeum mirage trees increase drop someday - so we can finally start craft own stuff, now its costs too much compared to big random results
    also i want more pvp honor points from war zones..(from stupid rift) where u can sit afk -u have 500- to have 500 honor on hasla/halcyona u need to kill rly alot of enemies

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    Only thing that really disappointed me was how they took the required proficiency for crafting...
    Everyone can craft up to epherium now with out even having 1k into the proficiency.
    And with more people being able to craft, archeum is becoming more and more scarce.

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