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    Unauthorized Access Blocked ???

    This has been happening ALL day today 3-14-15. I started asking around an everyone I have asked checked their security history logs and said that their logs show the same thing. I would definitely like to know what this is about.

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    I am having the same thing now that I check. Shady of trion. My guess is they are attempting to read processes to look for 3rd party programs. It started today only...if I am right (which I believe I am..) they are doing something ILLEGAL. Blizzard was sued for such a thing in the past...

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    Hey there Elo,

    After a patch it's not uncommon for antivirus software to stop recognizing software and trigger false positive warnings. I am investigating on my side, just to be safe, but could use additional info.

    If you have multiple friends with the same issue, can you ask them to hop in and post in this thread as well? It will help us get a handle on how many people are running into issues.

    Are you able to play the game normally, but you get these notifications periodically, or does this prevent the game from running at all?

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    Every patch, I go back in and change the Firewall from Auto to Allow. I double checked this last night and Archeage.exe is set to Allow as is the other ArcheAge executable files. Also this did not start patch day. Started on the 14th of March and it was the first time this ever happened for me at least since I watch my logs daily.

    And every single person I found running Norton said found the same thing.

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    it always got detected by my antivirus software when archeage was started.

    my game works ok and all tho im scared is gonna steal my info or somting

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    I got the same norton warning while playing Archeage. In my history log, norton only shows this strange behavior of the Archeage.exe since yesterday, 3.16.15. I play Archeage daily and if it was the last patch, the alert should be in the history log from past week on and not just yesterday.

    I can play Archeage rather normal; those problems appeared only after the level 55 update:

    After the patch I had the issue that in fullscreen-mode the game minimizes and then pops up again in windowed mode and circles between modes. It was already posted in another topic here and playing in borderless windowed mode solved it so far.

    Second problem with the "access from new location" by Glyph EVERY time I log in still persists and I had the hope that the norton alert might have something to do with it, but since my norton alerts by ArcheAge only go back till yesterday, this won't be the case, I guess.

    (this problem really bugs me, since I have two accounts and when logging back and forth I need to put in the verification code - and checking the "remember this location" box doesn't help either.)

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