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Thread: WTS>t1-t5 obsidian farming service :D

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    WTS>t1-t5 obsidian farming service :D

    Selling farming service to anyone who has revenant spec (sorc/occult/aura) and a hasla t1 or higher staff get all mats for obsidian weps from t1 through t5 in only 5 straight hours only xD sounds a bit long but its really much faster than farming solo or in groups we'll aoe farm and i'll pass on all loot you should get all your mats in 4-5 hours just did it for a firend xD took 5 hours exaclty xD 500g only price seems high xD but its cheap for all the mats all the way up to t5

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    Wow I wish I had a friend that I only had to pay 500g to group with me.

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    me me pick me xD and noo i didnt make my firned pay mee xD (i did borrow 500g from him afterwards though xD but i'll pay him back! thats another whole differnt thing though!! xD)

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