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Thread: Ascension (west) is recruiting on - kyprosa eu

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    Ascension (west) is recruiting on - kyprosa eu

    ASCENSION (WEST) is looking for dedicated players to join our ranks

    Ascension (west) is recruiting on Kyprosa

    Ascension is looking for mature and active members to join our guild. We been around since open beta. We are passionate about the game, and we have a long term vision and commitments.

    Our goal with Ascension is to create a mature and drama free guild, with dedicated and active members, that focus on loyalty, friendship and a relaxed atmosphere. Most of us play hardcore, but we also have causual players. How much you play isnt the most important thing.
    We have room for newbies, but we expect you to be dedicated, proactive and willing to learn when you hit max level.
    We want to constantly evolve as humans and players, we have a vision for our guild and we work hard everyday to reach our goals.

    If you are dedicated there is room for you to gear up fast with us through our regular dungeon runs like serpentis, dahuta 10man and library instances.
    We do a raid for library dailie quests everynight at 1900 gmt. We help out new members in GHA from time to time too.
    We do regular pvp-events were we either just roam the seas looking for reds or we go to warzones on main continent or to freedrich island in hunt for pvp.
    We are active in the traderun business, we move alot of packs both on land and on sea. We have alot of merchantships so if you are a dedicated trader there are alot of likeminded peple to do traderuns with.
    Currently we are prepearing for 1.7. and by then Ascension will be a force to be reckoned with on the seas of Erenor.

    Patch 1.7 is getting closer day by day, and we in Ascension are all hyped and excited for all the new and awsome changes that patch will bring us.

    Ascension guild rules:

    * We are a pro west guild, we don't PK our own faction.
    * To join Ascension you have to be minimum 18 years old.
    * Drama is not tolerated. We want a good atmosphere.
    * Teamspeak is required, we expect you to log on TS when you are online.
    * We expect you to use our forums on a regular basis to keep up with what is happening in the guild.
    * We expect you to bring your own potions and consumables when you participate in Serpentis runs and guild events.
    * We expect you to treat your guild members with respect and tolerance.
    * If you join Ascension with a low level character you will be given Trail status. Full membersship in the guild is given to you at max level, but only if you are active, dedicated and when we see that you put some effort into evolving your character.

    Ascension is also part of a multi-gaming community that have active divisions in the following games:
    Smite, Heroes of the storm, League of Legends, counter-strike, H1Z1, Dota 2, Path of exile, Elder scrolls, Tera, Runescape.

    Contact any of the following if you are interested:

    Carex - Guild leader

    Andistotle - Officer
    Neuzeittrucking - Officer
    Liannra - Officer
    Kauto - Officer

    Website: http://forums.thechaosvanguard.co.uk/

    if you want to apply, first register on the forums, then go to "APPLY TO CV", choose Archage and fill out the application.

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    Guild Application


    Is your guild still recruiting in the game, i know quite a few have left over the past few months?

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    You dont pk your own faction? ♥♥♥♥♥ please

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoSa View Post
    You dont pk your own faction? ♥♥♥♥♥ please
    Only the guilds we're at war with, if you're not in a guild that is at war with Ascension, you can always give me a whisper with the name of the Ascension member who pk'd you.

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    bump. still looking for dedicated players. Guild is doing great atm, great time to join our ranks

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