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Thread: Apex price is insane

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    Apex price is insane

    hey there
    just started playing, and i love this game. i'm 18 and i'm starting to trade run. my plan is to reach 150 gold and then buy a cart, i lt seems good... but the apex price is insane! i'm not scard by hard-working but it will take soo much
    do you think trade run can help me? do uou have any advices?
    Thank you byee

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    Yea Apex prices are really insane, they are so cheap right now. Pretty much not worth selling them at all right now. You can easily make that money with traderuns in 2-3 days for 2 Apex. Just inform yourself about traderun routes. For west side you would idealy do hellswamp -> gweonid runs.

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