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Thread: WTS>Hasla farming service! 8tokens/min! 240tokens/30 mins! 25g/30 min :D (Naima xD)

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    WTS>Hasla farming service! 8tokens/min! 240tokens/30 mins! 25g/30 min :D (Naima xD)

    --copy/pasted from another thread incase some people dont visit the Naima threads section xD--

    what the title says! get every hasla wep you ever wanted xD
    my ign is See mail/msg me in game or reply here (i'm haranya :O sorry nuianns )

    best time to farm is usually at night when reds are asleep :O

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    25g for 240 tokens? I'd pay it.

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    yayyy msg me in game @ See anytime typically night time is better cause less reds so faster farmign (Naima only :O )

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    Just get a obby wep. It's 100000000% better

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTruRealBroski View Post
    Just get a obby wep. It's 100000000% better
    As this guy is selling it, you get a t3 haslan for around.. 75G-90g? counting 1,5h farming for all the tokens requireds AND gilda dust. Those start in heroic grade.

    You need a T3 obsidian weapon on heroic to get higher dps. Compare this T2 on heroic (after some regrades)

    Obsidian T2: http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/34625/ Initial cost: 1,5k + 2/3h farming the mats. Getting T3 will require aditional 1k for
    Hasla T3: http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/27341/ Directly heroic: 90g + 1,5h farming

    So i see it as a small inversion that will help till you can get your T1 obsidian to celestial/divine.

    Then its a matter of cash to see how high can you raise your obsidian. Hasla is not an high end weapon, but a fairly cheap mid-floor
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    I guess you didnt take into consideration the RNG factor, the 240 tokens he farms in 30 mins are multiple types... so do the math again.

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    no sir u wont get t3 hasla in 1,5h farming..

    he says 250 tokens in 30 min, he didnt say only token you need. so youll need more time

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