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    ArcheAge Q&A Livestream: March 27 at 2:30 PM PDT

    Join Producer Merv "Khrolan" Lee Kwai, Associate Producer Amanda "Amary" Fry, and Senior Community Relations Manager Evan "Scapes" Berman on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next ArcheAge community Q&A livestream.

    In this format, we address the game topics proposed in this thread as well as popular threads from the official forums. We'll also field follow-up and additional questions from the livestream chat. Got a question for the team? Post it in this forum thread!

    ArcheAge Q&A Livestream
    Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds
    Start Time: Friday, March 27 at 2:30 PM PDT
    Duration: 45 minutes

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    Aurorian Trade Packs

    With the emphasis of 1.7a being Naval advances...

    Will 1.7a include the Auroria Fellowship Packs ? (ie Heedmar Softened Fabric)
    The only way to trade these is via transport over the seas and thus would be a good creator of naval content.

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    any plans on putting worker pots on generell npc or change the price of loyal/credits in store?

    50k artistry title any plans on that?

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    Are there any plans to add any other rankings besides Arena and Fishing? If so what and when would they be?

    Are there any plans to improve the dye system?

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    when Design Timber Coupe will arrive ? and the car will be better than others?

    i need one

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    Any idea if Songcraft's Ode to Recovery skill will get its mana regen back? or maybe reimplemented for NA servers? Even if at flute level regen.


    <The Cohhilition>
    Salphira EAST

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    when the black Pegasus will come out and do you plan to give back the skill to the Pegasus that is right now useless?

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    1) Until when are the Celestial Archeum Supply Chests going to be in the marketplace?

    Could you give us updates on:

    1) Additional purchasable items via vocation badges to make it more appealing.

    2) Is the animation cancelling exploit being worked on?

    3) Why do we see cheaters (AH bots, farming bots, purse farming bots, mods and macros) remain rampant? Instead of decreasing in numbers, they are again increasing.
    - While people see them bringing benefits such as farming archeum for crafters to use, they are the reason why the drop rates are so low.
    - We constantly see bots with patron status, which more than likely they use APEX for, so they take away APEX from the market which would have been available for more legitimate players to use.
    - Reporting and banning is a band aid approach. The problem is still there. Do you have any plans on further aggressively focusing on these cheaters?

    4) People who get banned appeal many times to different GMs, expecting different results. Which in some cases do happen. Will you be clamping down on people who abuse live support and appeals?

    5) I like how we're going to be able to access the auction house from anywhere. Though this also allows AH bots to do the same, pretty much enabling them to hide just about anywhere. I've been able to help get rid of some AH bots by reporting in game. By adding a UI that's accessible anywhere will completely prevent players from reporting AH bots. Will there be anything done about this?

    6) Will the workbench associated with this event be left even after the event ends? So that those who don't have an auroria cape can still combine it once they do get one?

    7) Need more uses for worms and hay bales, so that farming seed bundles makes it worthwhile.


    I've been seeing many posts regarding arenas and how unfair it can be. How about making it like a gladiator arena, where those who enter are put into equal levels, same grades of gear, same buffs available, so that the arena is there as a measure of skill instead of a measure of equipment and buffs. This way, it's available for players of all levels, wether new or old can join. They can choose their gear, skills and buffs when queuing up for arena.

    As for the arena ranking, as I understand, it's not solely a matter of skill but who can spam arena wins the most. Put a limit on how many times you can do arena per day?

    Dismount / Eject seat for passengers for cars. Seriously, please!

    Quote Originally Posted by Badditude View Post
    Tax certs purchased with Vocation badges plz.. It only makes sense that if you farm a lot on your land, you can pay for your land with this vocation currency.
    100% agree!

    to be edited later

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    Can we get the actual % drop from RNG boxes especially for rare items? Many feel they are being cheated thinking a rare chance is around 5-10% when in reality its closer to .01%. Also this would include the new RNG boxes that will be coming out.

    Is it possible to implement a system that will allow a player to purchase RNG boxes and get better odds the more he opens so that players are not spending 500$ + on a mount.

    Why not add Super Rare items contained in RNG box for direct purchase's, even if that direct purchase will cost me 100$ i would rather spend 100$ on the Item i want then getting a bunch of stuff i don't want. This idea is separate from your upcoming RNG box change, some people just want the mount and don't care for all the other items, even if they are worth the money.

    It appears that we get a Server Maintenance every Tuesday, Can we get this to be a permanent situation, so that all player can expect every Tuesday will be server maintenance day.

    Is it possible for you to introduce to XL games a chest that is capable of holding Un-Tradable items? Obviously this chest would be LOCKED to Private and destroyed on house destruction. With the recent SoA Patch the mobs have been dropping so many Un-Tradable items the my bag/warehouse are getting full. Not to include the 20-30 plus Manuscripts I am holding onto.

    With the 1.7 patch will you be accepting all the Class Changes that come with 1.7? Will the NA/EU community have any input to these changes?

    Has the idea of adding a Specialty Crafting option for Printing been introduced to XL? I.E. The in house recall tomb.

    Is it possible to get game options to be static across all characters?

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    1. Seems that there's a lot of confusion and lack of verified information regarding the Spreading Flames event.
    - What we heard: the event can be done once a week.
    - What we found out: the event can be done once a day.
    - What we heard: you can loot the scales within 1 hour after the dragon is dead.
    - What we found out: you can loot the scales within 10 minutes (equals to 1 hour in-game) after the dragon is dead.

    Question: Is there any other missing information related to the event that we don't know yet? If there is any, please let us know.

    2. Arena ranking seems pointless with the AFKers issue still around.

    Question: Any plan to fix this ?

    3. Why Timber Coupe's ETA being pushed even further? Was it XLGames or Trion's decision in delaying the car release?

    4. Archeage on Steam.

    Question : Any plan on expanding it to other regions besides NA? For example, Asia - South East Asia - Australia, some part of Europe; to name a few.

    5. Any new events planned for April? Aside from Spreading Flames event, of course.
    Nothing to see here, move along ...

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