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Thread: [Guild List] Kyrios Guild List

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    Mar 2016
    [The Pack You Envy]
    Faction: West
    Type of guild: Early NA~ Green-Friendly~ Casual PvX
    Guild master: Anamelia
    Who to contact: Teowolf, Envydaele
    Size: Small

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    Aug 2016
    could we update <The Academy> please? We've gone thru some changes.

    Guild Name: The Academy
    Faction: West
    Type of guild: Casual, PvP+PvE
    Who to contact: Purrsephone, Karrahn
    Size: Large
    Server: Kyrios
    Faction: Nuia Alliance
    Class: Cleric ❤⚡†
    Guild: <The Academy>


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    Jul 2014
    Hamilton, ON Canada.
    [Not Today]
    Type: PvX, (Very serious about PvP).
    Guildmaster: Disciprine
    Contact: Odin, Frission, Soosha, Calipso, Disciprine, Lillya, La.
    Size: Large


    "Ever tried, ever failed, no matter.
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    Type: PvP, PFP, PvE, RD, Kraken, DGS, Mana Towers, Castle Packs, Trade Runs, Hired, Pirating, Capture the Flag, Hide and Go Seek, and other things that can be spur of the moment and fun. Mixed languages guild. Multi Time Zones.
    Guildmaster: Patchy
    Contact: Morregan, Rhusty, Goaliemann, Voluntari, Lastscythe
    Size: Medium

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    Or Rhusty and Goaliemann
    I'm the BIGGEST magic <Short Bus> FAN EVER!

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    Nov 2015
    Kentucky USA
    Type: PVP, PVE, Trade Runs, Stealing packs from reds, Stealing packs from greens who try to steal our packs, Triggering reds and pirates, helping each other out, general fun and hilarity.
    Guildmaster: Voltaine
    Contact: Voltaine, Indras, Saliv.
    Size: Small.

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    Baka Island
    Meandering around aimlessly teaching new and returning players, also treasure hunting
    Vosh, Shabachi, Acewolf
    Deus Vult - Aranzeb East
    Erenor Archer for the crusades

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    What we do: Multi Guild Interaction, PvP, P4P, PvE, Content, Trade Runs, Hired Hands, Pirating, Capture the Flag, Hide and Go Seek, Duck Boats, and other things that can be spur of the moment and fun. Mixed languages guild. Multi Time Zones. Must be able to banter, have fun, take a jab and give it back just as well, no **** talking, not PC, and conversations always go south eventually. We have been referred to the "gateway guild" as well.
    Guildmaster: Patchy
    Primary Recruit Contact: Rhusty
    Officers: Morregan, Goaliemann, Lastscythe, Voluntari
    Guild Size: Medium

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    Feb 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by Spoky View Post
    Feel free to contact me in-game or by private forum message if you are unsure of which guild sounds right for you and I can help point you to one that I'd think you would like.
    Your PM functionality looks disabled. Any chance of a competitive East pvp guild welcoming recruits? 6.2-6.8k Darkrunner, 6.4k Primeval looking for a new home. Willing to go pirate as well. Feel free to PM me for more info, thanks!

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    [Magically Malicious]
    Type: PvP, gear progression
    Guildmaster: Jaoel
    Contact: Jaoel, Carnivora
    Guild Size: Large

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