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What you said previously is not relevant to me as I stated firstly in my comment that my comment will be based on Harani point of view, and I didn't talk about the castle situation at all but as how things look from our side.

And if you wont be fighting, don't queue to arena and make people waste 10 minutes.
I wasn't talking to you but to Hiyakira who said he doesn't know about anything about the situation, but still wants to give lessons to the nuian side.

And 10 minutes ? I wasn't AFK like I said, I was running to my opponent and let him kill me. Actually if you want to know, I was trying to get into the 1v1 rankings with 0 win, to show the stupidity of the system. But our server being a little dead, I got a free win when nobody queued last night, so I won't continue.