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    ArcheAge Q&A Livestream: May 15 at 2:30 PM PDT

    While the Production Team is visiting XLGAMES, join Senior Community Relations Manager Evan "Scapes" Berman on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for an ArcheAge community Q&A livestream!

    In this format, we address the game topics proposed in this thread as well as popular threads from the official forums. We'll also field follow-up and additional questions from the livestream chat. Got a question for the team? Post it in this forum thread!

    ArcheAge Q&A Livestream
    Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds
    Start Time: Friday, May 15 at 2:30 PM PDT (GMT-7)
    Duration: 45 minutes


    Read the full article on the website.

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    WHAT is the next RNG box item?

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    1: Any plan to put Perma Anypost Owl in the Loyalty store/Marketplace?.

    2: News about Mounts de-normalization tiers?

    3: Ironclads and Crystallized regrests will be fixed?

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    is there anyway to change the time of abyssal attack to a later time because it interferes with Mistmerrow and Haylcona because it does start before those times but the event leads into other events so I was wondering if you can change it so it will be after Haylcona

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    will there any thing being done on the ship exploit of destroying your own clipper over and over?

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    1) Will there be a increase in drop rate for ayanad design? Or is there any other means to farm the design?

    2) Is there any plans for GMT timezone players to participate castle siege? As for the current castle siege timing, I am unable to participate and enjoy the castle siege.

    3) Any updates on increasing the family size?

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    Good morning Knowledge wielder !

    Here are My requests of informations !

    1 : What are the event planned for the next months? We had the labour event, the trade pack event, and PVP event.
    I love short event like these and I hope Trion has a lot for us too !

    I take Japan Archeage as Example for May and June.

    May : Every weekend is "monster slaughter fest!" First week-end of may every monster gives twice XP points, the second weekends gives twice droprate, third is same as first and so on.

    Secret mission of the Daru :
    Every day you get a mail with a quest item that gives you a mission, you have 24hours to complete it.
    The mission asks you to travel to some places in the world where a Daru has a machine that will translate your mission sheet into a Daru memo which is a random kill quest; for example "kill dahuta", "kill X sharks around freedich", Kill rangora.
    The reward is one 1000 labor potion and either of the 3 : 1-3 Gilda stars, 1-3 5% drop increase pot, 1-3 100 labor potion.

    There are also 5 hidden daru in the world that you have to find that will give you a stamp everytime you find him. Once you find the 5 Daru, you have to find the Daru general in Ice kingdom that will reward you with a 5000 vocation/2000honor potion.

    "Let's Kill the Leviathan!":
    During this event, The Leviathan HP regen has been temporary drastically reduced, and every ship sunk by the leviathan will get the Shatigon's sand 50% reimbursed (works only if leviathan gives final blow)

    "Red dragon regrade fest":
    During 7days, all regrade are 50% more successful, there is also the possibility of exchanging 5 regrade scroll of one type to get one of your choosing : example exchange 5 armor regrade scroll for 1 weapon regrade scroll !
    Every player get a 24hour timed red dragon glider ( which is awesome looking must admit )

    Also there is a Calendar on the Website where you can see when event starts/ends

    Source : http://archeage.pmang.jp/ (I heard that it might be IP blocked for people in Europe, I will put screen shot if people ask for them )

    2: Archeum is plenty available now thank you. What are Trion thoughts about how much archeum is in the game after dread prophecy ? Too few, Too much, Just as we wanted? Same goes for regrade point.

    3: Event Timers. Is there any changes to be expected on ingame event time ? Like abyssal kraken, mistmerrow, halcyona, freedich trader etc.
    3a: Is the main reason for having the same time in EU and NA is that it is easier to handle serverwise ?

    4: As it is a custom in Asia, did you bring us any gifts from Korea?

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    Any plans on making a "black arrow" mount for the other mirage mount? Since mirage horses can be upgraded to black arrow i was thinking why not the other mirage mount too. It will be interesting and definitely will add variety to players having different types of mount.
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    What about a title for the exploration proficiency?

    One if you have all the exploration achievements and one if you have 50k proficiency.

    Right now, the proficiency has 0 benefits, improving it is useless. I was also kind of disappointed to get nothing special after discovering all the 395 exploration spots with my character..

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    are red regrade charms being added to the loyalty store?
    way too high demand on them results in big price differences after new cashboxes that have them are introduced, thus leading to ppl stockpiling them instead of using.

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