Ok... this is getting kinda ridiculous, its been over a month and still nothing, its starting to look like the finances system in my country, they keep sending me to a different team saying this is not their department so they cant fix it.
On the week that there was the event of the loyalty tokens i delivered a pack to freedich island and got dragon stabilizers in return and sold em at AH for about 8-9g each if you check the logs from back then you can see i'm not lieing, if you don't have the logs you should because ive been reporting this for over some time and i keep getting sent to another team and they tell me to open "tickets". If you don't want to give the loyalty's just say so because this is starting to look like going after an indecisive girlfriend. Would appreciate feedback on this subject thanking in consideration the wait time, thank you.

PS: was told to tell you this aswell "Your reference number for this ticket is 161561"