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Thread: Thatched Farmhouse upgrade with 1.8

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    would it be possible for you to confirm that all house upgrade versions require the same bundles? Also I would like to know what are the materials to upgrade the rest houses as well.

    I would also like to reply some questions asked above to make them clear.

    The tax issue is concerning the most of you, it works like this: The farmhouse needs 30 taxes to deposit and 15 taxes for the first week of use. Then you pay another 15 for the next week as the mail for the tax comes each week. The upgrade simply changed all that into one time payment of 75 tax which includes 50 deposit and 25 tax for the first week of use and then it's 25 tax certificates a week, increased from 15 tax certitficated of the normal farmhouse.

    The bundles needed for the farmhouse upgrades is 15 Enchanted Blueprints, 5 upgrade permits, 60 stone bundles, 30 Wooden bundles and 30 Iron Bundles.

    Not packs but bundles, check the construction proficiency in folio for more information.

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    Thanks for all the info in here, very helpful.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yasu View Post
    That's a different item (different ID)

    The one we have : http://archeagedatabase.net/kr/item/34776/?sl=1
    The new One : http://archeagedatabase.net/kr/item/37896/
    Translation please?

    I was so excited to see these on last weeks live stream for many reasons but squealed irl when Khorlan turned the house around & said you could rotate it to face the way you want. Game changer face activated...

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    It looks like we finally got an answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quillodon View Post

    The current beam/tool/brick construction bundles (like this: http://archeagedatabase.net/us/recipe/104/?sl=1) will no longer be usable in Heroes Awaken. However, you will be able to break them down to get back all the materials, the wedges, AND a small labor pot for the labor you used to make them.

    PLEASE NOTE: These labor pots are untradeable, and have a 2hr cooldown in the version I'm lookin' at. So don't go stockpiling construction bundles unless you REAAAALLY like drinking 100-point labor pots every 2 hrs.

    Hope that helps!

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