The Aristocracy of Llamas

We are AoL we are a fun family styled guild. We accept all levels/skills/gear scored members. If you need any help don't be shy to ask. We main our direction at professions/open word shenanigans/PvP. We are a new, small guild consisting of around 10 members.

We have:
Unofficial TS3
Crafting/Gathering/General Professions Help
Assistance with getting the most out of events

I'd just like to showcase two members of the guild who stream, talking to these guys will be the easiest way to contact us:

If you want to join the guild or want more info talk to the two guys above or talk to these people in game:
Smoothmovesbro <---- Moves Like Jagger
Tehbritishkiwi <---- British Accent
Augustina <---- 10/10 Rudeness
Belleona <---- Uhhhh
Scilla <---- CogHeadGeamer
Astrohhmlg <---- Bleach Drinker
Heartlessproductions <---- Rich Kid

Thank you for reading this post and I give you luck in finding a guild that's suitable for you. Peace