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Thread: WTB "Delphinad Earth Plate" Pieces

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    Talking WTB "Delphinad Earth Plate" Pieces

    Below is the current pieces im looking to purchase.

    Delphinad Earth Helm : Already have.
    Delphinad Earth Cuirass : Already have.
    Delphinad Earth Greaves : Already have.
    Delphinad Earth Gaunlets : STILL NEED. [X]
    Delphinad Earth Sabatons : STILL NEED. [X]
    Delphinad Earth Vambraces : STILL NEED. [X]
    Delphinad Earth Tassets : STILL NEED. [X]

    If you have any of the above "still need" pieces please, message me on forums OR in-game "Tina"

    Best regards,


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