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    Lightbulb Mirage? Gambling?

    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata Bloodsong View Post
    While Trion's TOS does oversee all of our games, ArcheAge has been a unique beast that has required some tweaks and changes. (For example, allowing in-game scamming, in-game gambling for in-game currency, etc.) Yes, our approach to this aspect of the game differs from the TOS as well.
    Does this mean you'll open the casino in mirage?
    Just tweak it to gamble for in-game currency or items.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoaringDavid View Post
    Does this mean you'll open the casino in mirage?
    Just tweak it to gamble for in-game currency or items.
    No offense, but with the amount of complaints people with gambling addictions give to games that make them pay tonnes of money out of their wallets I'd think adding gambling to your game would just discourage play unless the gambling was strictly gold not real world money and there is a limit to how much a player may gamble a day.

    Plus people will then start bashing the game for it encouraging players to waste their money gambling for in game items on what is potentially is a Pachinko machine see: Konami. It's not that I'm totally against the idea it's just the whole throw gold in and I might give you something nice is like expecting the RNG in the game to be better, there's chance and then there's just throwing your money in hopes you'll finally win.

    Not that the game doesn't do that already with the Regrade system I just think this will kind of be a gimmick that may happen one month, players crowd in playing poker with frog people and complain about how the RNG system is unfair and that they lost money on what could had been a 100% regrade item or mount or costume that they'll probably store in their chest because it goes out of fashion. I do like the odd gamble now and again mind you but I don't like games encouraging it.
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    Sry if i ask something what someone else asks but i didn'T found the same question or answer for that.
    Just wanna know if its allowed to push pep out of nui with something like skateboard, tank, mounts or something like that?

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    Hi, I just want some clarification on something.
    If I drag mobs or field boss to the enemy faction haulers doing trade so that its aoe can destroy the haulers, is it exploit or allowed?

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    Updated 10/12/16 with:

    Moving under the terrain for any reason -- Moving under the terrain for any reason, especially combat, is against the rules of the game.
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