My IGN: See
1. prince purse/haunted chest/divine leather/plate/cloth gear farming service xD 270 purses/30 mins for only 40 g you keep all loot including haunted chest and auroria divine gear that drops

2. obsidian wep/armor farming service. get mats for one piece obsidian armor or wep for all t1 through t3 (nuu not salvaged mats xD just the other mats) only 50g (10g increase cause i have to use buffs which cost about 10g total :O )

3. hasla token farming service :O about 250-270 tokens (i think xD according to the math xD) every 30 min you get all the tokens so you can make any/every wep you want 50g/30 min. not 40g cause...i have to buff up for this which cost me 10g xD

4. power leveling we'll aoe mobs in exeloch 8 every min :O which should be a decent amount of exp xD almost the equivalent of library floor 3, 3 man farming xD 50g/30 min :O cause i have to buff up :O you can go semi afk for this cause you can ride on my mount and you'll get exp if you're nearby which you should always be since mount is on follow! but! now and then mount gets stuck on enemy corpse and you will despawn the mount which you will have to come back from afk and get back on the mount xD tadaaa xD this is especially good for lv 30+ people xD leveling should be much quicker than questing tadaaa thats it xD