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ok, Id really rather not have an article piece that is written in such a way that by the time i get done reading it I feel as if i was trying to be sold a new car, fed some hot air due to a lack of a black and white solid answer. For example: Question: The issue of items in our chests, Has their been a solution found for all the items in storage chests or will we be loosing the items?Answer: (multiple choice, you tell us which one is correct Celest or Khrolan)A) yes, you're items will all be packed up and move with youB) no solution yetC) sorry, you're totally boned and will need to liquidate all yer assets before the merger.i prefer straight up questions with straight answers. No hot air, no 50$ college words, no twisting the meaning ( this aint washington dc and were not running for any office). example: Question: server evolution, is it still technically a merger? Answer: YES!!!see how easy that is. Why the 3 week's or 4 week's to wait for answers? did folks forget how to use a phone or email to get answers from boss's or those in charge? heh, every live stream all the players are told to come here to the evolution thread to ask questions. LOL, is their some rule that says questions can only be answered once a month? I for 1 one will be extremely pissed off if we finally get all the answers 24 hours to 48 hours before the evolution occurs. Since I noticed their is still no definitive answer for a question posted the same day evolution was announced, in case yer wondering. I dont want to loose my items in chests and would love to know if i need to liquidate assets. Basically I want at least a 1 month advance notice so im not trying to sell it all the last 48 hours before evolution occurs. get it?got it?Good!! thank you and have a nice day!:-)/afk to get some coffee and get uncranky
I can assure you that this article piece isn't written like that. I personally wrote it and focused more on full details on what's going to happen, how it's going to happen, and the dates for it to happen than anything else. Think of the article more like a roadmap of what's to come and not an article here to tell you why we are doing this.Now, as to your main question regarding storage chests, this is the main thing we are tackling right now in regards to the merge. Unfortunately, we do not have a definitive answer yet for what will happen to them. We are performing tests this week using tools that we recently received from XL, and that should give us the answer we are looking for. When we have that answer, we will send it over.You also asked why has there been a delay, and we can detail some information regarding that. We received all of the information regarding how transfers and merges work from XL and, of course, those documents are written in Korean. Translating those documents does take some time (and they are not small documents), and then we fully read them to better understand the process, and then we engage in a discussion period with XL. Because of our time difference to Korea, we usually receive answers to our questions the day after we send them over, so some time is lost there too.We do want to get you guys the information and answers to your questions as fast as possible, but we also want to make sure that the answers we are providing are accurate to what will happen. We apologize for the delay, but we want to make sure that everything is as accurate as possible at this stage.
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