I'm switching specs from Archer to Skullknight so I need gold to fund my new gear.

I'll list my rough price, feel free to make offers here or in game by mail, and I'll consider trades for gear that's good on my new spec.

Celestial Delphinad Gale Bow w/ 12% Temper - 12.5K
Divine T4 Shortspear v2 (bound, will need your epheriums -can provide collateral) - 13K
Divine cursed obsidian cap T3 (leather) (bound, but I can buy the epherium to make it t4, you pick v1 or v2) - 9K
Celestial Cursed obsidian jerkin T3 (leather) (same as above) 6K
Celestial Cursed Obsidian Fists T3 (leather) (same as above) 6K
Celestial Mag Gale Earring x2 -2100 ea
Unique Mag Gale Ring x1 - 1300

As the title states I'm looking to move this stuff quick so I'm willing to negotiate and be flexible with pricing. The listed prices are just guesses, so uh... just make offers

Ign: SavannahGrace
Or PM me here