Celestial cursed obsidian shield, 270 def/1% blockrate (needs unbound)

Celestial cursed obsidian bow +2% range attack and magic dmg gems (needs unbound)

Unique cursed obsidian scepter +2% magic dmg and 2 magic dmg gems (needs unbound)

Heroic ominous obsidian lute (needs unbound)

Celestial delphinad lake greaves 1747 toughness

Celestial delphinad lake curiass 1920 resilience 3% reduced damage

Heroic magnificent tassets, cuirass, greaves

Arcane magnificent boots, helm, gloves, vambraces

Celestial illustrious wave earrings x2

Celestial conquerer earth rings x2

Unique zephyr triangular rig

Accepting gold or apex payment, Mail me in game or message me here.