Greetings Adventurers!

Below are the ArcheAge patch notes for our latest update to the Devouring Depths. This update adds in the previewed Blue Salt Festival, re-awakens the flames of the Red Dragon, and makes changes to the game’s security program. Read on for the full details!


This update will remove HackShield. HackShield has reached the end of its support life cycle from AhnLabs, and the group has decided to move out of the online game security business.

As some of you may be aware, the Korean version of ArcheAge has made the decision to adopt GameGuard in place of HackShield. We are testing GameGuard extensively on our internal environments, but we have requested additional functionality and stability requirements before we officially add it to our version of the game. We will not add GameGuard to ArcheAge until those requirements have been met.

In addition to GameGuard, we are also pursuing alternate security methods and additional interim solutions. We intend for any inclusion of GameGuard to be a temporary solution until an alternate solution can be found.

  • The Blue Salt Festival, a celebration of sun, sand, and salty sea air, is underway in Sanddeep!
  • Either travel to Sanddeep directly, or speak with the Blue Salt Representative at the Ezi's Light in Austera, Ezna, or Diamond Shores to receive a teleport scroll.
  • The event is set up on the barrier island just off the shore of Blueglass. Various NPCs offer quests to participate in sand castle building, mural painting, and beach defense!
  • Build sand castles that provide hour-long buffs to players once completed, paint murals to obtain art for your home, and collect festival coins that you can trade in for furniture items, a plushie pet, or special time-limited vehicles and mounts from the exchange machine set up on the beach!
  • Feeling in need of a break from the sun? Enjoy some well-seasoned chicken and refreshing drinks seaside for an additional buff to your good health.

The Red Dragon has re-awoken, and rumors abound of dragon sightings around Erenor.
  • Three times daily (15:00, 19:00, and 23:00 UTC), the Ghost of the Red Dragon appears in Lilyut Hills, Tigerspine Mountains, Stormraw Sound, and Mirage Isle. The dragon's appearance also causes local dragonslayer NPCs to come forth.
  • Speak with a dragon slayer to receive a quest and a special bow used to damage the spectral beast.
  • When the Ghost of the Red Dragon is driven away, obtain the Red Dragon's Breath and return to the dragon slayer for a reward chest.
  • Each character can participate in driving away the dragon's ghost once per day. The event lasts for approximately 10 minutes each spawn.
  • Reward chests contain Red Dragon Scales that can be used to craft the Red Dragon's Legacy cloak. These scales can be used to complete a cloak left unfinished from the previous event. The chests also have a rare chance of dropping the Enraged Red Dragon's Legacy cloak item.
  • NOTE: This event may be extended based on planned outage times.
  • This event will run on the following four weekends:
August 20 - August 23
August 27 - August 30
September 3 - September 6
September 17 - September 20
  • Decreased the health and mana regeneration on the Red Dragon to match current Korea region balance.

  • Increased spawn rate of Black Pearls on Aquafarms. This item will still remain rare, but will be more attainable than before.
  • Increased drop rate of Haunted Chests on Auroria.
  • Increased drop rate of Fusciafin from Dahuta in the Sea of Drowned Love.

  • Maximum character slots per server have been increased to 6 from 4. The maximum number of character slots per account remains at 6.
  • Submarines: Torpedo can now attack against members of the same faction when in Bloodlust mode.
  • Bug fix: Broad Reduction effect was being applied to Ode to Recovery and Mend skills, and is no longer applied.
  • Fixed a bug where items in your inventory, warehouse, or storage chests were rearranged on each login.
  • Fixed a case of client shutdown when teleporting.
  • Fixed a case of client shutdown when harvesting Skyreach Woodlots.
  • Fixed a floating desk in Villanelle.
  • Fixed an incorrect graphic on male Firrans when wearing the Summer Racer's Swimwear.
  • Fixed a location that caused characters to fall through the world in Ynystere.
  • Fixed a location that caused characters to fall through the world in Golden Ruins.
  • Ship summon scrolls now state how many passengers they can hold before losing buoyancy.