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I was talking about the stackable damage debuff. 2% per hit up to 20% damage increase. Is that the fetter debuff that only lasts 2 sec?
While it's unclear if the Fetter debuff (-1% enemy dmg per stack) is ALSO what causes Mana Stars to gain dmg (+2%dmg per projectile), at the very least it seems to have the exact same timing. This one is even easier to test. Here's what I did:1: Go back to Windshade in Rookborne Basin.2: Remove JUST your weapons (also anything that stacks effects per hit, like the Dream Ring).3: Walk outside and hit a Gale Elemental with ONE cast of Mana Stars. Note the dmg of the FIRST PROJECTILE. (Mine was 95ish)4: Let the Fetter debuff run out, then cast Mana Stars again. You first projectile should have the same average dmg.5: Repeat this process until you are happy you know your average damage for just the FIRST PROJECTILE of the FIRST CAST of Mana Stars.6: Now spam the hell out of Mana Stars and don't let Fetter wear off. Notice that your Mana Stars start doing more dmg with each cast, capping out after the 3rd cast. (For me it was 112ish)Like Fetter, this effect stacks for each projectile rather than each cast of the spell. So it'll only take 3 casts (shooting 4 projectiles each) before you see your full dmg increase. (Compared to the 5 casts it takes to reach 20 stacks of Fetter)If you guys wanna be real heroes, try it with a friend and see if they can Purge away Fetter and set the stacks back to zero. If it works, do you still do 20% more Mana Star dmg, or do you drop back down to base dmg and have to build it back up again? It'd be nice to know if they really are linked or if the dmg increase has an independent "stack" that we can't see.(Also, sorry to hijack your thread a little OP. But your class DOES have mana stars so... hopefully it helps?)Cheers!-Quill
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