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Haha alright man. Pretty sure it's just a couple of us left at this point, but I'm happy to hide in here while the forum storm blows over.
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Hardcore PvPers should all start worshiping Kyrios straightaway, since Kyrios loves a fight, and exists solely to flag on anything that he faces.
While that's true NOW, I've always thought of Gene as more of a tragic figure than a villainous one. Before he was changed by the power of Kyrios, he was practically a Robin Hood! Back in old Auroria, he and Tahyang led the Shadowhawks by a strict code, laying out limits on who could be hurt (and how much) by their criminal activities. Those who broke the code were punished severely, and any rival organization that tried to move in on a region under Shadowhawk "protection" was attacked without mercy.I could seriously watch a whole show about Gene and Tahyang's adventures before they met up with the others. An outlaw prince and an exiled Firran warrior, doling out vigilante justice in back alleys while dodging guards and royal assassins alike? WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?
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So... any lore on why and how Inoch ascended?
Derp! Totally should've mentioned that Inoch was one of the twelve adventurers, sorry. He gained his powers just like Kyrios, Dahuta, and Ollo, it just seemed to go a LOT better for him for some reason. Before that, he appears to have been a mortal Astra.(Though there is some merit to the theory that each of the twelve was DESTINED for their particular fate, especially if you take the Silent Watcher's speech into account. But it's still not entiiiirely clear if that guy is a trustworthy source of information.)
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And... can you bring some insight regarding the Daru and how they fit into all this?
Oh god, I... I can't even.Look I'm sorry, man. The Daru are... the Daru. It's easier to just list what we know for sure:1) The Daru appear to have no gender. They only every call each other by name, or as "The Daru." If they DO have a gender, no other race knows how to distinguish them. They also constantly mix up other races' genders, which supports the idea that they don't even understand it as a concept.2) They don't care about your gold. They literally ONLY care about Gilda Stars, which are made of some kind of rare metal (so rare that we grind up the coins to craft with in modern times).3) Whatever it is they want "the shinies" for, they're more than willing to trade us exotic goods and advanced technology to get it. (Yet for some reason I can't shake the feeling that these ships and cars are chump change for them. Like the early colonists trading worthless beads for furs.)4) They have no homeland that we know of, and none is ever mentioned. There's some Daru housing in Halcyona, but it's only there so they can live in comfort while they help the Nuians build their airships. And one look will tell you those houses were clearly not designed for that climate.5) They are the undisputed masters of the long-distance portal. We can do temporary jumpgates just fine, but every time you see a huge permanent portal it's the Daru that built it. Combine this with the fact that we have no idea where Mirage Isle actually is, and it raises some rather interesting questions about whether or not the Daru are even FROM Erenor.So there you go. All the Daru facts with a little Quill consipiracy theory thrown in. I will tell you one thing though: they are a BLAST to write dialogue for =P
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