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Thread: Had the most too good to be true dream about Trion and archeage

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    Had the most too good to be true dream about Trion and archeage

    What I'm going to write is along the same lines as what happened in my dream cause no one can translate a dream 100% perfectly

    So it starts off in windscour
    Me and my guild where chilling on my plot (that is soon to be gone). All my plushies were sad that they were getting packed away into the warehouse and that they might never see me again
    My guild was debating what game we should all move to. Most said wow others said other games
    I said to my guild that I was gonna go write my goodbye post on the forums and stuff. They said we might be gone by the time u get back
    I check the forums, there's a post by celestrata. "We are truly sorry to the players off archeage" I view the post
    The post said something like "everyone at Trion games are truly sorry for the way we treated the players of archeage. We have decided to rethink our strategies and will now care about players and listen to what they have to say"
    There was more but I don't remember
    So I quickly get back on archeage. I get in just as my guild was just about to travel through the one way world gate to wow. I get there just in time and tell them not to leave yet. I say "There's a post by celestrata that everyone needs to see" I also announce in faction chat
    Everyone goes and checks it out, then everyone that was about to leave through the wow world gate says "maybe there's still hope in archeage" so no one quit the game
    (the post also said naima was now no longer getting merged) so everyone started to unpack and furnish their homes again then we ran a player made naima event
    After a while
    2.0 comes around and the queues are full and everyone was happy again
    And in the end at Trion hq everyone was partying as the 1 year anniversary was a success

    Sadly I woke up
    I would have seriously enjoyed that alternate universe so much better than this one

    Ps also remember that everyone was happy even the enemy factions. We all came together and celebrated in peace

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    I cried

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