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Thread: Skill trees dropped to lvl 54?

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    Skill trees dropped to lvl 54?

    My PTS Character lvl is still 55 but my skill trees are all 54 for some reason, used all my commands/growthstones ect any fix for this?

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    Nov 2014
    same as me

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    This happened to me as well. Skill trees at 54, that were 55 before the patch.

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    Same thing happened to characters I had already on PTS before patch. New characters using the Fluffy commands got to 55 no problem. Now it appears that when you reach 55 on all skills, you get a chest that can be opened every 24h, so I guess that's why they dropped everyone down to 54, so that we could get back to 55 and get the chest. It's the only reason that comes to mind.
    In the meantime, I guess we can use honor to buy growstones to get back to 55 faster, or just go out and fight for our xp :-)
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