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  Click here to go to the first Archeage Team post in this thread.   Thread: Evolution Compensation Packages & Hero's Welcome Information [UPDATED: 9/11 6:08 PM]

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    Kudos to Trion for trying to provide us players with some kind of compensation. I can understand that it won't please everyone and there are legitimate gripes, but seriously, here's a big boo hoo for all the entitled players who aren't happy with the compensation packs (as if we deserve anything at all).

    And feel free to go to Shroud of the Avatar...if you really like going back in time to an older game design. Maybe it will turn out to be amazingly great once they leave "pre-alpha" (whatever that is! Seriously, it's called Alpha, already.) However, the game is no where near advanced in any way (it just has a great salesman at the wheel).

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    Well.. feel like time to return to EVE. This fckng company screwup everything that was only possible...

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    But at least you're not ACTUALLY getting kicked in the balls. And I dunno...some people seem pretty damn angry. Hopefully they'll cool off and keep playing, though. If not, more land for me-....er, for new players!

    And as far as owing is concerned, I meant that life isn't "fair." We aren't owed anything in general. Meaning, I could wake up tomorrow morning and instantly die due to no fault of my own. I'd rather just be happy with what I have, rather than comparing what I have to what everyone else has. I used to be like that, and I was miserable!

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    I do not understand DS only compensation.

    It should receive the same per property as the evolution servers. I moved to DS and sold my mainland properties over time, having no knowledge they were ripping it down.

    Almost all of my land is in DS now. I thought it was strategic latter for factions, fishing, new trading in the future etc.

    I bought EVERY property I got in DS for gold.

    When the servers come up... the only property up for grabs on this server... is DS. Everyone interested in some land, some extra land, the advantages I mentioned above etc. Then also the hackers, and opportunists. They will all be there and only there when the servers come up to drop some land quick.

    It might even be the exact same people that sold to me before!!!

    At least with loyalty tokens, I could sell the fat cats Lucky Sun/Moon points etc. and use the gold to buy back some land?

    You see, on the evolution server, the entire world is up for grabs, perhaps I could get "something" to use for farming and start over again. But in this case, all the grabbing is my main area and if I don't get anything down... I guess I will ... fish? I hear it is going to be better again...

    I am foolish, I trusted there would be good news tonight, and they were just trying to hold back on the exploiters.

    PS I had to take time off work to attempt to get back my land at a cost of a few hundred dollars. It took me about 8 months to earn a mansion plan, and buy the location and I personally placed every pack on myself in a war zone. How do I get a place to put it down again? Anywhere? I am sure many are in similar boat. My sympathies to us all.

    PSS I went to DS on PST today to look at the new area... I do not see any reason that they had to remove any of the properties at all, if any, then VERY few. I do not understand why this had to happen at all on these servers. If 3-4 people lost land, could of been very generous with those specific people and we all could move on.

    Sorry for the wall, frustrated like so many of us are. Also feel deceived on purpose which I guessed in a different thread. My question to them was, did they do this on purpose. It is obviously yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prisha View Post
    While I know much of AA, I am unsure of the license talk that has gone on through this thread. Someone said they have a one year license left. Did Trion sign a contract to lease the game to NA?EU for two years or something?

    On a side note, I still welcome all people who like AA but frustrated with the publisher to try out the RU Version. It is on 2.0 and the publisher handles its customers quite well. They even have English patches. Their server merge was a success as a year later all their servers are still on high pop.

    This may been because they informed their players two weeks in advance what packages would be to transfer or merge.
    I may just have to do that. As far as the 2 year license for the game that is what I have heard, can't say 100% it is true, but it would not surprise me in the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sociopath View Post
    I saw this and I said, "Must be a troll."

    If you're serious in the least, get so rekt. Just keep getting rekt until the end of time, ya scrublord.
    I should have mentioned that I'm on a legacy server. But yes I'm completely serious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calim View Post
    You make a good point. We all get screwed equally.
    Quote Originally Posted by Denick View Post
    They will let us vent until we realize that our posts don't matter and what we are doing is the equivalent to screaming in a padded room. Then when the posting slows they will make some comment about how they understand that this process is difficult but it is what is the best for the game and if they could have done anything else they would have. Then they will close the thread and we will have the options of quitting or continuing to bend over and ask for more. I have put up with all the other BS because this game is really good and I enjoy playing it and nothing else on the market compares, but this is a new level of disrespect and I will be spending my next 48 hours checking out other games .
    Yes. Yes. I believe they undergo specific training to deal with these situations in this manner.

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    Anniversary cloak pics or bust.



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    a doubt that will happen with my land, since the abia paid and the time that the server this off can not be falling

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    Celesrata, can we assume that these are not bound tax certs since you listed the worker's comps as 'bound' but no the tax certs?
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