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Thread: Official Kraken Guild List

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    Guild Name: Broken Dreams
    Faction: East
    Guild Captain: CMDR
    Guild Co-leaders: Forde, Safyregirl, Talizar
    Recruiting Admin(s): undecided at this time
    Guild Ambitions: PVX guild. We will be working toward level 3. Our goals are to compete at all end game content.
    Guild Msg: We are friendly and serious guild. We do not steal from our faction and will not purple on our faction unless it is to protect ourselves and property, packs or to assist others and getting their stolen goods back. We would like to help rebuild the East and become dominate.
    How to apply: You may apply via the Guild tools in game or contact any of the leaders while we work on our web interface.

    Teamspeak is required while participating in guild events and we would prefer you are in TS while you play so you can hear guild calls etc.

    We would prefer that your are at least lvl 51 but exceptions can be made.

    We anticipate forming an alt guild when we reach the 100 person cap.


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    Guild Name: < Shipwrecked >
    Faction: West
    Guild Captain: Lachrymator
    Guild Co-leaders: Draco, Nikki, Wnxgorilladog, Mcleod, Lupy
    Recruiting Admin(s): Khane
    Guild Ambitions: <Shipwrecked> is a Guild that focuses on all aspects of gameplay. We're accepting anyone who's interested that has their character at level 50+ and is 18+ in age.
    Guild Msg: As of now we are a strong Guild, and want to continue to grow. We will be doing Ocean PvP, Arenas, World PvP, Naval Combat, PvE Events, and Trade Runs of all types! We offer a home for those with multiple interests, and ally ourselves with guilds holding mutual interests. TS3 is required and Slack mobile app is highly recommended for team coordination and event communication.

    How to apply: Easiest way to contact us is by private message, whispering or mailing Khane or Ethetun in game or E-mail: applyto@shipwrecked.wtf
    Naima West

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    Guild Name: Duskfire
    Faction: East
    Guild Captain: undecided at this time.
    Guild Co-leaders: undecided at this time
    Recruiting Admin(s): undecided at this time
    Guild Ambitions: Crafting, Running trade packs, Some dungeon runs a bit of pvp for those members who enjoy it.
    Guild Msg: Duskfire generally tries to be helpful to our own faction, which means no purpleing for packs. We will always attempt defend ourselves against those who wish to impede or steal our packs, that includes guilds that purple for our packs, you will be KOS.

    How to apply: undecided at this time.


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    Guild Name: Divine Phalanx
    Faction: East
    Guild Captain:Phelion
    Guild Co-leaders: Vardoxx
    Guild Msg: Mature, Eastern friendly, Honorable and no drama. We do not attack our own faction unless provoked. We do not take from our own faction
    Guild Ambitions: All aspects of the game
    To Join: Contact, Phelion or Vardoxx
    Web Site: www.divinephalanx.com
    We Use: Mumble http://www.mumble.com/support/mumble...on-windows.php

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    Guild Name: <The Crimson Knights>
    Faction: East
    Guild Captain: Zuri
    Guild Officers: Pherousa, Farang, Gail, Raffin, Moshot, Jimpy

    Guild Ambitions: We participate in every aspect of the game, strive to better ourselves while having fun, and touch all of the butts!
    Guild Msg: See our recruitment thread for more information about who we are and what type of players we are looking for.

    How to apply: Visit our website and click Register on the right.

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    Guild Name: < The Claws>
    Faction: East
    Guild Captain: Deathshades
    Guild Co-leaders: Ardaron
    Recruiting Admin(s): (any member)
    Guild Ambitions: PvX (PvE and PvP)
    Guild Msg:
    We are both PvP and PvE.
    Crafting, Dungeon, Goofing around, War, Trades, etc
    We're looking for people that are
    - 16 years and older (Mature)
    - have Team Speak (for communication)
    - able to speak English (at least well enough to be able to communicate with Guild members)
    - agree to the Code of Conduct (See our About Page, link below)

    How to apply:

    Additional Info:
    - - - - - - - - - - [NA] Kraken // [NA] Enla - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - [Retired] TAW - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [Lv 55] Cyda - Blood Reaver
    [Lv 55] Radika - Athane
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [Retired] The Claws - - -
    Slayer of Rocks and Trees (miner) - Tyllena [Lv 55]
    Shroud Master - Rylai [Lv 50]

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    Mar 2014
    Villanelle Island
    Guild Name: < ArchAngel >
    Faction: East
    Guild Captain: Izanaginomikoto
    Guild Co-leaders:
    Recruiting Admin(s):
    Guild Ambitions: Casual. Play at your own pace and family/friends.
    Guild Msg: Being an <ArchAngel> means you play at your own pace. We are a casual guild, and welcome all adults who would like to spend their time in Archeage without the drama and dues of other hardcore guilds.

    Play at your own pace.

    Bring in your family and friends, and share in the communal joy of being an <ArchAngel>

    Remember. Have FUN. ALWAYS.

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    Jul 2014
    New York
    Guild Name: <Blueberries>
    Faction: East
    Guild Captain: Keller
    Guild Co-leaders: Zes, Critterz
    Guild Ambitions: PVP
    Guild Msg: We are a pvp guild...west, east, pirates...doesn't matter to us. We will purple for packs or just out of boredom.
    How to apply: Recruiting currently closed.

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