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Thread: Official Kraken Guild List

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    The Art of Warfare
    Nuia Main: Spankem
    Recruitment Thread

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    Guild Name: Seraphim
    Faction: West

    Guild Captain: Lasthit
    Guild Advisor: Windsurfer (Internal Affair) | Mwu (External Affair)
    Guild Treasurer & Investment: Raxis
    Recruiting Admin(s): Claa | Ivrea | Mynerva

    Guild Ambitions: Casual Guild and Aiming to be well rounded in all aspects of the game. In-terms of Trade-Run to Dungeons, Raids, War, Naval.

    Guild Msg: We are a Multi-Culture Guild, looking for Casual Nice, friendly, helpful Individual to grow with us moving every steps together as a guild, we strongly disagree on Purpling / Rob / PK against own faction, unless they started it first. (Teamspeak Required)

    How to apply: Speak to any of the listed "Recruiting Admin".


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    Guild Name: Jokers
    Faction: West
    Guild Captain: Kaedro
    Guild Co-leaders: Thana, Kynas, Azlard
    Recruiting Admin(s): Kaedro, Thana, Kynas, Azlard
    Guild Ambitions: PvP, PvE, Trade Runs, Farm, Help newbie members and most important thing, Have Fun!
    Guild Msg: Latin Guild, Jump to post...

    How to apply: Contact any member of Jokers!

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    Guild Name: <Crimson Knights>
    Faction: East
    Guild Captain: Stupidgirl
    Guild Officers: Stupidpropertya Stupidpropertyb Stupidpropertyc

    Guild Ambitions: Some people like to build things, we like to take them.
    Guild Msg: YARRRR

    How to apply: Mail Stupidgirl ingame

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    Guild Name: <Tarrasque>
    Faction: West
    Guild Captain: Jupiter (Mrweezard until names changed back)
    Guild Officers (55 /w 4k+ GS before merge): Alistera, Mordhier, Archimedex, Sosad, Elzie, Strange, Lasunin, Realyevilbastard

    Guild Ambition/Background: We're a community of around 35 active players pre-merge (20 very active daily players, and about 10-15 casual with 10hr a week). Our teamspeak lobby has 8-15 daily during peak.
    We like to take part in all aspects of the game, but past experience has shown us to be active in dungeons/trade runs/city building, and lax in contesting for world bosses. Formerly <Syndicate> on Enla, our founders are from <Syndicate> nation on Atlantica Online/Argos server, but we will be using this community tag going forward for Black Desert Online and Tree of Savior.
    We do raids around 8pm EST 5x a week, either Serpentis or library 5 mans depending on what people want. Most of core group has gems already, and daily farm clears often avoid Sirothe, but we were taking time about once a week to clear him 3x for new gems with core group, cycling in new members. On busy days, and when more people allow, we will begin more daily groups around Noon EST as well for euro-timed players.
    Members are never required or expected to attend the daily groupings (sometimes 1-3 will be on wait list for the 2nd/3rd clears). We DO have issues with members that are clearly on and never gaining Prestige or contributing to your own character growth. Completely non-active, and non-crucial land holding alts will be removed for space as we approach the 100-member limit.

    Guild Structure: FFA Loot, no council/dkp system. 51+ and Teamspeak is required for raids, and encouraged to get to know others outside raid time. We don't have a strict age limit, but maturity is expected. 8 of our active main players are husband/wife duos over age of 30, with the rest being 21+. Friendly players new to the guild are donated free illustrious/regrades/consumables, with more attention being shown to those with more activity.

    To apply: Contact one of the guild officers listed, and hop into royalcrown.tserverhq.com:7416 lobby for an interview (around daily reset is best time).

    PS: We have a video from 6 months ago from Jason Wivart made about our guild town.

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    Guild Name: < Relic >
    Faction: West
    Guild Co-leaders: Meaghs / Sassie
    Guild Ambitions: Dungeons (D), Naval (N), Raids (R), Adventure (A), Crafting (C))

    Guild Msg: Most active times are oceanic prime-time / early morning NA. Join us if if you are an adult gamer looking for a stable gaming community. PVX activities - Progressive raiding, fishing, trade, pvp raids, world boss hunting etc. First tier membership has no obligation, see if we fit together. Contact Meaghs, Sassie or Sarafine for more information or apply directly in-game or on guildlaunch. - M.

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    Guild Name: < The Last Prophecy >

    Faction: West

    Guild Captain: Aphrael

    Guild Co-leaders: Cips, Danitsia

    Recruiting Admin(s): Princessgotik, Cycle, any other admin. Ask to speak with an officer if all else fails

    Guild Ambitions: PvE, PvP, Raids, Land Ownership, Commerce, Semi-Casual fun, Weekly Events, Guild Expansion, and much, much more!

    Guild Msg:

    The Last Prophecy is a multi-brand MMORPG gaming guild that originated in the first MMO brought to the internet, Ultima Online in October of 1997. Some of us have been gaming together for nearly 17 years, and as such we’ve traveled through various games together. Currently active chapters include Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Skyforge and ArcheAge.

    We are currently sponsored by ASUS, YouTube, and Amazon, with several incredible new sponsorship deals coming down the pipeline in the near future. Currently in the works are Razer, nVidia, Steam, LootCrate, and possibly SteelSeries.

    Streamers are welcome, too!

    Tell Me About Your Hopes and Dreams...

    Our goals in ArcheAge are much the same as when we started on Naima: engaging in every aspect of the game while sharing and enjoying each other’s company. From PvE to PvP, we want to fully immerse in the experience while forging and maintaining real-life friendships between our guild mates.

    Tell Me More About This "Fun"...
    • Fishing raids
    • World bosses
    • PvP raids
    • PvP Squad Development
    • Commerce
    • Land ownership
    • Guild expansion
    • Diplomacy/Alliances
    • Large-scale raids
    • Naval battles
    • Exploration
    • Expansion into multiple guilds under TLP

    I Like Fun! How Do I Apply?

    We're glad you're interested! We think you'll enjoy your time with us. Our main guild is currently capped at 100, and we have begun to make plans for a full second guild.

    To apply, contact any admin. Alternatively, contact any member and ask for a guild leader directly.

    Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

    We do have a few simple guidelines.

    Current rules are simple: Don't be a total jerk. Avoid purpling on your own faction. Self-defense is fine, but please get screenshots and/or names.

    Teamspeak is a requirement for application.

    18+ highly recommended as most of us are mature and the guild chat isn't always suitable for children.

    Website: tlp-guild.com

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    Guild Name: <YOLO>

    Faction: East

    Guild Co-leaders: Geminisky,Titaniaz,Tudang,Damquyphai,Sutchi

    Recruiting Admins: Geminisky,Titaniaz,Tudang,Damquyphai,Eyedark,Ceto, Geminicloud,Hitcher,Sutchi(just /w or mail us) we need friendly and active member

    Guild Ambitions: PvP,PvE,Fishing,Trade,Boss.Skill,gear,Teamwork

    Guild Msg: We playing game online so just /w and chat in game; we dont need TS or any kind of this thing

    What we do :
    1. We helping faction war,pvp red
    2. We help guild member gear up;Serp- Dream ring,Ayanad earring;Trade;Fish; Make gold
    3.We are leveling guild level
    What we hate :
    1.Spy, PK Green; and trader 24/24 and another player who are do nothing useful for East Faction
    2. Trash talk and blame people who are try to helping
    3.Not friendly,not fair play

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    Guild Name: < Kraken Sushi Delivery Service >
    Faction: East
    Guild Captain: Vanilla
    Guild Co-leaders: Merrill, Zarrick
    Recruiting Admin(s): Mysra
    Guild Ambitions: Protecting the environment by destroying haulers that use not so eco-friendly fuel
    Guild Msg: Guild of 5

    How to Apply

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