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Thread: Official Kraken Guild List

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    Kraken - Cruzada Escarlata

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    Guild Name: Revelation Rapture's
    Faction: West
    Guild Captain: Kaffin
    Guild Officers: Kiliva
    Guild Ambitions: We enjoy all kinds of Adventure, Dungeons, and Trade.
    Guild Msg: We are actively looking to make an overseas trade alliance with the East. We believe that by working together we can make both West and East profitable this way and pave ways for both continents to work together at big events more peacefully in the future. We do not PVP, purple (unless provoked meaning if you PVP or purple us we will not hesitate to retaliate), or steal from anyone be it East or West. We accept all character levels and new players are always welcome! We will give fair warning we are unable to log on except once or twice a week (usually Saturdays and Mondays) due to our real life jobs.
    How to apply: To apply please either private message or whisper Kaffin.

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    Guild Name: < Fuerza Bruta >
    Faction: West
    Guild Captain: Potwor
    Guild Co-leaders: (Matarulo)
    Recruiting Admin(s): All Fuerza Bruta
    Guild Ambitions: (Gearing up - (D), (W), (N), (R), (A), (C))

    Guild Msg: 6 Month old Guild Level 2 We are open to all Player Levels. We do PvP PvE farming, traderuns if Gods show mercy. No TS yet no Website yet. We help out leveling up, no Drama international Guild, we speak english or spanish.

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    Requested Format
    Guild Name: < OutKast >
    Faction: East
    Guild Captain:Raylenofhades
    Guild Co-leaders: Batoutofhell
    Recruiting Admin(s):Ladyofthelake and Foreverknight
    Guild Ambitions: (Match the game - Dungeons (D), War (W), Naval (N), Raids (R), Adventure (A), Crafting (C))
    Guild Msg: we are faction friendly guild all lvls are welcome. Don't be a dick, and have fun

    How to apply: contact an officer or apply under guild recruitment

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    Guild Name: The Abbey
    Faction: East
    Guild Captain: Sassami
    Guild Co-Leader: Terataki
    Recruiting Admin: Sassami
    Guild Ambitions: to offer Aide to those in need, to offer Clarity to those confused...We are a Mercenary Healers Guild ... small beginnings can lead to large adventures!
    Guild Msg: We are a newly formed Guild looking for all Classes and Play-styles...prefer Mature players, but all who at least ACT mature will be welcomed. Purpling forbidden unless in self-defense

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    Current Server: Kraken

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