Heroes Awaken 2.0 Release Notes NA/EU

The following list of release notes summarize a majority of the changes included in the ArcheAge: Heroes Awaken update. This release includes the Korean 1.8 and 2.0 updates along with some post 2.0 hotfix updates.

For those of you who are into patch notes, sit down, get a cup of coffee, and wrap yourself in a comfortable blanket. You're gonna be here a while. (That update is going to take some time, after all.)

Known Issues
  • A few gear tooltips are written confusingly. We've gotten updated versions of those tooltips, but a few more still need to be added.
  • Safe zones are in effect around player housing in hostile zones, but this system is UNDER EVALUATION. Please continue to provide your feedback!
  • The Synthesis tab on the regrade window will only be used for cloaks, not costumes.
  • Current chat throttling is being evaluated.
  • Casting Songcraft performances quickly while under the effects of Rythmn may cause a given performance to stop channeling. We will continue to investigate this and provide a fix in a future update.

Hero System
"The time has come to take the mantles that have rightfully been yours. It is time for Heroes to return to Erenor..."

Update 2.0 introduces a brand new political system to the game known as the Hero System! To learn more about the ins and outs of this system outside of this brief overview, visit our website and check out the Hero System Spotlight!
  • Hero halls have been added to Marionople, Austera and Growlgate Island Tower, and thrones that correspond with each Hero rank (Erenor, Ayanad, Delphinad, and Epherium) have been added inside the hall.
  • Players begin accumulating Leadership Points through world PvP, raid PvE bosses, and Reputation ranking from group/raid members. There is a limit to how many times a player can rate another player. Total reputation is tallied at midnight, and extra Leadership Points are given to your character depending on how positive your reputation is.
  • The top 20 players who have earned the most leadership during a month long Hero cycle appear as candidates for election. Leadership is also the deciding factor of who receives general status in the automatic Raid General selection process.
  • 10 Heroes are elected on a 30 day cycle through the voting system available inside of the Hero Hall at the Voting Machine.
  • Anyone may vote as long as they are level 30+ with a minimum of 50 Leadership points accumulated. Votes can be cast on the Thursday and Friday of the first week of the month, which is Election Week.
  • Elected Heroes serve a term of 1 month after which time the election process cycles and new heroes are brought to term. If you are nominated, you may withdraw from the race by visiting the Voting Machine at your faction hall on the first Wednesday of the month.
  • Heroes receive a temporary hero cloak that corresponds with their hero rank and is removed after their term has ended. This cloak is delivered in the mail after an election is won.
  • This heroic cloak provides a buff to all faction members within 25 meters depending on the rank of the hero. It will always grant the hero +100 stamina.
  • Heroes can receive "Concentrated Hero Power" from the Territory Representatives NPC at the faction base.
  • Mobilization Orders may be invoked by a Hero who meets the requirements to rally and teleport faction members who have earned 50+ leadership and are level 30 or above to special banners. Heroes can use Mobilization orders at their faction base up to 5 times. Adventurers who respond to the summons are rewarded 1 Warrior's Medal.
  • Heroes can unlock new faction-wide quests on a weekly basis through the Alliance Support Board located inside the Hero Hall. Any level 30+ faction member can accept the quest. Rewards consist of 5-10 Warrior's Medals. These quests are collect & deliver quests that last 3 days.
  • Messages are displayed for when heroes achieve combo kills in PvP, or when an enemy hero has been taken down in combat.
  • Heroes abide by all normal rules regarding bloodlusting, infamy and jail.
  • Hero status can be taken away from a person for various reasons, including changing factions, moving servers, performing unauthorized gameplay, and other reasons.

Guild Management Tools
"...and so they banded together in this new age of war. Their calls brought more allies to their side, and the bonds that held the guild together drew ever tighter."

The ArcheAge Guild management tools have been revitalized and improved with this update! Guilds now have the ability to recruit and accept pending applications in-game, engage in war with other guilds through Guild Dominions, and level their guild for more benefits! For a complete look at these new features, visit the Guild Spotlight on the website.
  • At the release of Heroes Awaken, all guilds that have over 100 members will require a roster update. All members will be removed from the guild except the Leader, who will be able to re-invite Adventurers up to the new 100 player cap. Guilds that already have under 100 players will remain formed and can proceed as normal.
  • On Evolution worlds, all guilds will be disbanded completely. Leaders will need to reform their guilds at the launch of Heroes Awaken.
  • The guild member cap has been introduced in order to provide balance between guilds in Guild Leveling and Guild Dominion battles.
  • A new guild advertisement system has been added! A guild official with the appropriate ranks can publicly advertise recruitment through the new Guild interface. Guild advertisements may be listed for specified periods with different costs associated with posting the ad.
  • Unguilded players may review all Guild advertisements and apply to join the Guild through the interface. Their applications will be reviewed by guild officials, who will have the ability to accept or reject the applications they receive.
  • A player who is removed from a guild or who leaves voluntarily will maintain the benefit of their guild-purchased items but will no longer receive the persistent guild buff
  • A cooldown period may be added in the near future that prevents a player from immediately leaving and immediately re-joining a guild.

Guild Leveling
  • Guilds may now level up to rank 8. Guilds earn experience as their members level up between 10 and 55, and by participating in world events, Dominion and open world events.
  • To rank up a guild an item called a Guild Ribbon is required based on which rank the guild is upgraded to – these Ribbons are earned through new guild quests.
  • A corresponding buff is applied to all guild members based on the guild’s current rank. This buff becomes more powerful as the Guild attains higher ranks.
  • Leveling a guild is a manual process that must be enacted by the guild leader once the guild meets the requirements to rank up.
  • Guild members will also receive Prestige Points, which can be used to purchase items from the Prestige Shop. Prestige Points can be earned through participation in guild activities such as daily missions and Dominion conflicts.
  • The guild leader must enable their Guild Daily quests in a manner similar to daily Achievement missions. These quests include large scale crafting objectives, world boss kills, dungeon runs, participation in conflicts on Diamond Shores, and more! Completing these missions rewards Prestige Points and Guild Experience.

The following items are currently available in the prestige shop, accessible via the guild interface:
  • Zone Teleportation Pinions for Halcyona, Hasla, Mistmerrow and Diamond Shores.
  • Epherium Cloaks – Comparable to Auroria Cloaks and may be upgraded.
  • Mirror of Boundaries – Temporarily placed in the world to reveal opponents in stealth.
  • Peace Agreement – Renders a guild safe from Dominion declaration for 48 hours.
  • Guild Flare – Use to summon guild members en masse to a specific location.
  • Weapon and Armor Tempers – Improves temper-related stats by 106-110%.
  • Pioneer Earring – A fabled earring with sweet, sweet stats.
  • Lunascales – These special scales are tier 1 Lunagems that do not fail when attempting to socket.

Guild Dominion
Guilds of rank 3 or higher can now participate in Dominion -- a formalized war between guilds. Once declared, a Dominion conflict lasts for 1 hour and may only be declared against other guilds who are Rank 3 or higher.
  • Dominion may be declared against the same guild 3 times per day but the cost in gold to do so scales dramatically.
  • Guilds may be protected from Dominion through the use of a peace treaty, available from the Prestige Shop.
  • Once Dominion is declared, the guild that accumulates the most PvP kills during the duration is declared the winner. If both guilds do not score above 10 kills, the Dominion is considered a draw.
  • Dominion ignores normal PvP rules in ArcheAge and allows combat in safe areas except for jail, Mirage Isle, trials, Mistmerrow, and Arenas.
  • Guards do not assist in Dominion conflicts and will remain passive.
  • Guilds who do not wish to participate in Dominion may remain at level 2, keeping them out of the system entirely.

Housing System
"The architects looked upon their blueprints and smiled. The fresh ink that lay on the page may have been simple to behold, but its meaning would change the tradecrafts of Erenor forever."

All Thatched Farmhouses, Medium Houses and Large Houses (Townhouses, Villas, Chalets) can now be upgraded to new specialty versions. Farmhouse upgrades are more geared towards gathering professions, like Husbandry, Mining, Farming, and Gathering, while House upgrades are tailored towards production vocations.
  • The upgrading system is engaged by accessing the Remodel button on a house management panel. Access this menu from any currently existing house.
  • To remodel a house, a player must meet the necessary requirements and have the appropriate material components. Remodeled houses may require an increased tax rate, and will require Enchanted Blueprints. These blueprints can be received from using an Evenstone on an existing house design.

Thatched Farm Houses upgrade to the following versions:
  • Rancher’s Farmhouse – Provides additional support for Husbandry.
  • Miner’s Farmhouse – Provides additional support for Mining.
  • Harvester’s Farmhouse – Provides additional support for Farming and Gathering.
  • All upgraded farmhouses include 2 gardening planters that support the placement of 50 seeds
  • Seeds planted in this manner may be batch planted and harvested based on normal grow times.
  • A new workstation called the Multipurpose Trimmer has been added to all upgraded farmhouses. This workbench allows for the expedient processing of harvested raw materials to first tier processed materials.
  • Daily quests are now available from the Task Jar on all upgraded farmhouses.
  • The water barrel has been relocated to the rear of an upgraded farmhouse.
  • The interior space of an upgraded farmhouse has been slightly adjusted.
  • Plants that normally grow in the wild may be harvested randomly atop a farmhouse – this does not follow normal housing permissions and any passerby may harvest them. These random growables include Clubhead Fungus, Vanilla, Clover, Pepper, and other similarly rare plants.

Luxury (Medium, Large) Houses upgrade to the following versions:
  • Armorer’s House – Provides additional support for Weapon, Armor and Jewelry crafting including the ability to craft sealed illustrious items in one crafting action using an amount of material similar to what’s used by the traditional system
  • Apothecary’s House – Provides additional support for Consumable crafting including the ability to craft top tier potions, food, drink and printing items en masse with one crafting action using an amount of material similar to what’s used by the traditional system
  • Tradesman’s House – Provides the ability to craft zone-specific fertilizer tradepacks. Only works in zones that naturally have Specialty Workbenches. A Tradesman’s House may currently be placed or upgraded to in Aurorian zones but the tradepack functionality has been disabled at this time (the workbench will be identified as “Deactivated.”)
  • Skill requirements have been removed when crafting at an upgraded luxury house.
  • A luxury house’s access permissions determine who can use its workstations.
  • All upgraded luxury houses include a new workstation called the Complex Processing Shelf.
  • This workbench allows for the expedient processing of raw crafting components to their first tier form
  • Daily quests are now available from the Task Jar on all upgraded luxury houses
  • A teleportation system to the house’s roof has been added due to awkward stair collision. (And because teleporting is cooler than stairs.)
  • Livable space has been added to the roof of all upgraded luxury houses.

Additional Housing changes
  • The following house types may not be upgraded through the new system at this time: Farms, Cottages, Mansions, Spired Chalet, Solariums.
  • Houses may have their facing orientation changed through the remodel feature.
  • All house upgrade types may be previewed prior to upgrading.
  • When remodeling a house ensure that all items are removed prior to its conversion as this process is actually the managed placement of a new house type.
  • Wait, we'll say it again: Furniture will be lost if the house is not emptied prior to remodeling. You have been warned!
  • Specialized houses give a Memory Ember from the fireplace every 22 hours that allow players to teleport directly to the house.
  • Lighting a fireplace now takes 10 labor and no logs.
  • Improved the appearance of houses under construction.
  • Safe zones have been added to built player houses in conflict zones. This safe zone is removed when the area progresses into a war state. Safe zone housing is currently the method used by the Korean version of ArcheAge – we decided to enable this feature to support evolution server land claiming – this feature may be disabled during a future update.
  • If the housing owner is located in safe housing area and engages in a hostile action against another player, they may incur immediate retaliation regardless of being in the safe zone. This attackable state persists for a considerable duration after the hostile action occurred.
  • All types of housing may now be placed residential areas that previously had placement restrictions with the exception of the Scarecrow Garden areas in starting zones.
  • Farmhouse-only areas can now accept all types of housing.
  • Luxury-only areas can now accept all types of housing.
  • Pumpkin Gardens can now accept all types of housing.
  • Memory tomes in Scarecrow Farm zones have been removed; players can no longer use these locations to recall or teleport to.
  • Full Kit Houses will be granted to players on Evolution-candidate worlds based on the types of land they currently have built and placed in the world. A Full Kit house is a normal type of house but when placed it is fully built and doesn’t require materials. It does, however, require taxes to place.

Diamond Shores Update

"The face of the land has changed, and so our conflict must change. Improve the defenses. Begin construction of our fortress. Let us remind our enemy that this is our land..."
  • All player housing has been removed from the Diamond Shores zone, and the landscape of the zone has been changed to support faction conflict.
  • Housing areas have been redesigned to support residences on the Eastern and Western side of the zone. Aquafarms and Bungalo zones have also been added to the Eastern side.
  • While having the correct faction is not a requirement when placing housing in Diamond Shores, please keep in mind that faction-aligned guards and automated cannons will support their assigned factions. Putting your Nuian house in front of that Haranya cannon is possible, but not recommended.
  • Diamond Shores now has a war/peace cycle, with war starting at 3am and 3pm gmt. The cycle runs through 8 hours of war, 3 hours of peace, and 1 hour of conflict. Due to this, ships can now be damaged in the zone by the normal methods.
  • The Diamond Shores lighthouse has been split into two faction aligned structures.
  • The faction-aligned pavilion areas have been converted into faction fortresses, and these new fortresses can be improved from rank 1 to rank 3 through large scale player participation.
  • Quest NPCs are available and resources may be gathered from surrounding areas to progress the level of the faction base.
  • As faction bases rank up, Auroria-based world events become active including Aust Mana Tower conquests and Alemine conflicts.
  • Ships cannot be customized in the Diamond Shores Ezi's Light region until your faction base is upgraded to at least rank 2.
  • Once a faction fortress reaches rank 3 the Purified Archeum Pack may be crafted in order to claim Auroria Castles – this is particularly important on evolution and fresh start worlds.
  • The fortress workbench is activated every Sunday at 6pm GMT (+7 PDT), and can be activated with 20 Rising Star Stone Packs that can be crafted in Haranya/Nuia.
  • As the faction base increases in rank the landscape of Diamond Shores continue to change offering more support to the progressing faction.
  • The Hero System and Guild Progression largely revolve around the Fortress progress in Diamond Shores.

Pet Accessories and Enhancements
  • Combat Pets and Mounts may now level to 55. No longer are they held back from the same level as their owners!
  • Combat Pets that are captured in the world may now have additional abilities that are random and confirmed when they are capture/bound.
  • Increased pet combat stats and modified some combat skills and damage.
  • Combat Pets (and not mounts) may now equip Pet Accessories.
  • Pets can now be revived at Temple Priestess NPCs.
  • The Pet Accessory Workbench is available outside of most dungeons and in most NPC cities. It can also be crafted and placed inside of a player structure.
  • Three types of craftable pet accessories exist: Headwear is crafted by a Metalworker, Chestplates are crafted by Tailors, and Footwear is crafted by Leatherworkers. Appropriate recipes have been added to related professions.
  • The progression of pet accessories is similar to the traditional crafting system prior to the sealed phase. The previous tier of a pet accessory is required to upgrade it. The type of pet accessory crafted and the type of statistical bonuses it provides is decided by the crafter.
  • Pet accessories may be regarded through use of a Pet Accessory Regrade Scroll, crafted via Printing. No regrade support charms may be used in this process, similar to Ship Component Regrades.
  • The results of pet accessory regarding are either success or no change from the Grand to Unique rarity tiers – no downgrading can occur. Once a pet accessory reaches Celestial tier or higher it can be destroyed during the regrade process.
  • Pets do not benefit from rarity buffs.

General Notes
  • Newly created characters can now choose to skip the tutorial, even as the first character on the account. At the launch of 2.0, the tutorials will be temporarily disabled to assist with land rushes.
  • The passenger view in the car has been fixed. We call shotgun.
  • Dead mounts/pets should no longer block ships. #GetRektDeadDonkey
  • Added Auto Raid General Delegation: Five minutes after a raid has been formed, a Raid General is designated via the following priority: Hero rank > Leadership earned > Level > Equipment score.
  • Added Sort by Price to the Auction House UI.
  • Added icons for the Shipyard Workbench and Pet Accessory Workbench to the map UI.
  • Added three new emotes: /raisesword, /vow, and /dignity.
  • Mail now costs 5 silver for Express, 50 copper for Standard delivery.
  • #SheepieLives #MirageIsle2015
  • Item tooltips now list how much the item contributes towards your gearscore. It will separately list the base value of the item, and then the value added by gems and enchantments.
  • The item fusion interface has been added to the inventory menu.
  • The vocation vendor is now available in the character menu.
  • Honor vendor available in the character menu.
  • Growthstones and Experience Potions have been removed from the honor point vendor.
  • You can now check on the timing of events with our new Event Calendar! The new button is in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  • It is now possible to shift-click items while the crafting folio is open to search for them, similar to the auction house.

  • Reduced the respawn cooldown for ships and vehicles from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Fishing boats: Base movement speed increased. Increased base health to 30,000. Added a new skill, Paddle Spin.
  • Captain’s Intuition is now activated automatically when using a steering wheel.
  • Cars now receive the Drowning debuff while underwater. This slows the vehicle and damages the car if Supercharging is attempted.
  • Increased the damage to ships from Keel Collisions.
  • Three words: Fishing Boat Propellers.

Combat Balance Adjustments
  • Players can no longer gain experience by killing mobs that are 11 or more levels above theirs.
  • Equipping a 2-handed weapon now also provides Physical and Magical Defense Puncture of 240, and global cooldown reduction of 7%.

Class Balance Changes

  • Comet’s Boon: Increased damage.
  • Vicious Implosion: Increased damage.
  • Mirror Warp: Decreased cooldown to 0.3 seconds from 0.5 seconds.

  • Bull Rush: Now deals additional damage equal to 50% of mettle.
  • Revitalizing Cheer: Now also removes 1 debuff from the caster.
  • Imprison: Decreased duration to 12 seconds from 15.
  • Seizing Shove: Increased damage reduction for raid members to 50% from 30%. Now adds an additional 1500 Mettle when cast.

  • Caster’s Enrichment: Added the Branded buff. Branded is triggered when Hell Spear, Summon Crows, or Stillness hit a target. Branded will increase all Occultism skill damage by 1% per stack. The stack has a 6 second duration and can stack up to 20 times. When Branded hits 20 stacks, the buff becomes Mortally Branded. This higher tier buff has a 6 second duration and decreases the attack and healing effectiveness of all targets within 8 meters by 15%.
  • Hell Spear: Increased damage.
  • Summon Crows: Increased damage, and increased the Melee Accuracy reduction to 30% from 25%.
  • Stillness: Decreased cooldown to 36 seconds from 45. Decreased Silence duration to 3 seconds from 3.5 seconds.
  • Urgency: Decreased casting time to 3 seconds from 5 seconds.

  • Overwhelm: Increased stacks of Bloodthirst granted to 3 from 1.
  • Stalker’s Mark: Increased damage bonus removed. Changed “number of ranged attacks suffered during the mark’s duration” to number of melee, ranged and magic attacks.
  • Pin Down: Increased stacks of Bloodthirst granted to 9 from 6.

  • Disciplined Performance: Added the Rhythm effect. Rhythm is triggered 3 seconds after a Perform skill is cast. It has a 6 second duration and stacks up to 25 times. Each stack of Rhythm increases your magic damage by 4 and decreases the cooldown of Songcraft skills by 0.2 seconds.
  • Dissonance: Increased damage.
  • Ode to Recovery: Increased combo damage dealt to Charmed targets. Added combo effect for Dissonance targets.
  • Bloody Chanty, Grief’s Cadence: Added combo effect for Dissonance targets.

  • Mana Flurry: Added Mana Fountain effect. Mana Fountain is triggered when Flamebolt, Magic Circle, or Frigid Tracks are cast. Each stack of Mana Fountain increases your casting and attack speed by 2%, decreases cooldown of Sorcery skills by 2%, and decreases your Physical Defense by 3%. Mana Fountain has a 3 second duration and stacks up to 8 times.
  • God’s Whip: Decreased the range and area of effect range across ranks 1-5.

  • Defiance: Added the Prayer effect. Prayer is triggered when Antithesis, Mend, or Fervent Healing finish casting (only on the first cast for Fervent Healing). Has an 8 second duration and stacks up to 5 times. Each stack of Prayer reduces casting time by 2%. At 5 stacks, Prayer becomes a new buff called Sacrifice. Sacrifice has a 4.5 second duration and decreases casting time by 10%, doubles the duration of Omnipotent Ward, and continually restores health and mana to party and raid members within 6 meters at the cost of the caster’s health.
  • Antithesis: Increased damage, reduced healing.
  • Skewer: Decreased casting time from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Mend: Players are now immune to Fear when under the effect of Omnipotent Ward. Will not remove Fear already on the player.
  • Aranzeb’s Boon: Now increases all stats instead of just Intelligence and Spirit. Slightly decreased the amount of stat boost per rank.

  • Courageous Action: Removed Fear immunity.
  • Lassitude: Increased buff duration to 4 seconds from 3. Buff combo duration increased to 2 seconds from 1.5. Decreased Sleep duration to 12 seconds from 15. Decreased sleep combo duration to 22 seconds from 25.
  • Weeping Dead, Wailing Dead: Increased base stats.

  • Added 28 new racial story quests post-level 30.
  • Increased the experience rewarded by level 51-55 quests.
  • Added a whole bunch of new Achievements.
  • A gold reward has been added to merit quests.
  • Added 37 raid boss kill quests.
  • Successfully regrading an item to Arcane now rewards a bound Green Regrade Charm.
  • Crimson Watch quests have been changed to story quests, and now also reward gilda stars.
  • Added 4 Ayanad Library quests plus associated cutscenes.
  • Lowered the level requirement for the Item Regrading tutorial quest from 50 to 35.
  • Doubled the amount of consumables (potions, food) rewarded from quests.
  • Added 3 quests to the Mermaid Bathtub (obtained from fishing coins) that can only be accepted by the bathtub owner. Completing these quests rewards the upgraded version of the tub.
  • Decreased the number of items required for textile and ore vocation daily quests.
  • Increased the quest item drop rates of some quests from level 1-30.
  • Removed Diamond Shores daily quests and replaced them with the updated Diamond Shores content.
  • Doubled the rewards from signpost kill quests.
  • Low-level quests are now displayed in white instead of grey text.
  • Increased the target number and reward for the Lusca kill quest: now requires 5 kills instead of 10, and rewards 1500 honor instead of 2000.
  • “Stopping Doomsday”: Changed rewards from 1x Gilda Star, 5x Shatigon’s Sand to 2x Warrior’s Medal, 5x Shatigon’s Sand.
  • “Trouble at the Weeping Mine”: Improved the functionality of this quest in order to make sure the quest can be beaten.


2 Slot Farm Carts Change
Prior owners of the 2 Slot Farm Carts will find that their "Scroll: Farm Cart" has been replaced with a "Ripped Scroll: Farm Cart" which cannot be used. This is due to a bug that allowed more than 2 trade packs to be placed into the cart simultaneously. This bug has been addressed in Update 2.0, but you will have to re-create your Farm Cart to get the new version.

You can fix this by visiting a Carpentry Workbench, selecting your Machining Proficiency, and then crafting a new "Scroll: Farm Cart" with your Ripped Scroll. This recipe takes no other materials to create, and you'll be presented with your new Farm Cart scroll after the conversion is complete.

Revised Item Salvaging System
  • The Weapon, Armor and Jewelry Salvaging systems have been changed to combine similar types of salvages into general salvage materials.
  • Pre-2.0 item salvages must be converted by right-clicking on them resulting in the appropriate amount of new salvage materials as though the item had been Evenstoned using the post 2.0 system.
  • Post-2.0, using an Evenstone to disintegrate an item will result in new salvage materials.
  • Sunlight, Moonlight and Starlight Salvage Forges now use Mana Wisps to re-forge sealed items instead of a number of salvages.
  • Obsidian Weapons and Armor have all been converted to use Mana Wisps in place of salvages.
  • The goal of this system was to provide more versatility to item crafting and to mitigate penalty for failed RNG at upper-mid crafting tiers. Note that salvaging an Epherium weapon can result in the creation of multiple sealed illustrious attempts.

New Salvage Materials from Illustrious, Magnificent, Epherium and Delphinad Items:
  • 1h Metal Mana Wisp (Dagger, Sword, Katana, Axe, Club, Shortspear).
  • 2h Metal Mana Wisp (Greatsword, Nodachi, Greataxe, Greatclub, Longspear).
  • Wooden Mana Wisp (Scepter, Staff, Bow, Shield).
  • Musical Mana Wisp (Lute, Flute).
  • Cloth Mana Wisp (All Cloth Armor)
  • Leather Mana Wisp (All Leather Armor)
  • Metal Mana Wisp (All Plate Armor)
  • Large Jewelry Mana Wisp (Necklaces)
  • Small Jewelry Mana Wisp (Earrings, Rings)

New Auroria Armor
  • This update also introduces brand new pieces of Auroria Armor (v2.0). 10 sets of 7 armor pieces are now available, with each one geared towards a single skillset. (Yes, Songcraft, you get armor now!)
  • These new armor pieces are obtained from opening Divine Garden Plate, Leather and Cloth Gear pouches. Divine Garden Pouches are obtained through the normal method of killing non-Library Auroria creatures and can now drop both v1.0 and v2.0 armor at a rate of 1 piece per pouch.
  • The grade of Auroria Armor obtained from these pouches has a base range of Basic to Unique.

The new pieces of Auroria Armor v2.0 include the following:

Divine Garden Plate Pouches now additionally contain:
  • Auroria Haunted Occultism (Plate) Sta/Int – Same passives as previous Cloth versions now as Plate
  • Auroria Noble Sorcery (Plate) Sta/Int – Same passives as previous Cloth versions now as Plate

Divine Garden Cloth Pouches now additionally contain:
  • Auroria Cruel Witchcraft (Cloth) Sta/Int – Same passives as previous Leather versions now as Cloth
  • Auroria Wistful Songcraft (Cloth) Sta/Int – All new set with new passives for Songcraft
  • Auroria Dulcet Vitalism (Cloth) Sta/Spi – Same passives as previous Cloth versions now with Spirit instead of Intelligence
  • Auroria Precise Auramancy (Cloth) Sta/Spi - Same passives as previous Plate versions now in Cloth with Spirit

Divine Garden Leather Pouches now additionally Contain:
  • Auroria Devious Shadowplay (Leather) Str/Sta – Same passives as previous Leather versions now with Strength instead of Agility
  • Auroria Wildborn Archery (Leather) Sta/Spi – Same passives as previous Leather versions now with Spirit instead of Agility
  • Auroria Eternal Defense (Leather) Agi/Sta – Same passives as previous Plate versions now with Agility instead of Strength
  • Auroria Lorn Battlerage Belt (Leather) Str/Sta – Same passives as previous Plate versions now as Leather

Both versions of Auroria Armor of grade Grand and higher may be disintegrated using an Evenstone to produce the standard amount of Moonlight Archeum Crystals and a new material called Memory Shards. The type of Memory Shard created corresponds with the type of Auroria Armor that was disintegrated. There are 3 types of Memory Shards produced during disintegration:
  • Ferocious Memory Shard – Battlerage/Archery/Shadowplay
  • Mystic Memory Shard – Shadowplay/Occultism/Vitalism
  • Stalwart Memory Shard – Witchcraft/Songcraft/Auramancy/Defense

Memory Shards can also be obtained by killing non-Library Auroria enemies.

New Lunagems

We've added 10 new types of Ancient Lunagems and 10 new types of Eternal Lunagems! Memory Shards and existing Lunarite are the primary components used in crafting Ancient and Eternal Lunagems, and these gems adhere to the standard socketing method.

Ancient Lunagems can be socketed in non-Auroria Wrist Armor and are available in 3 tiers (Clear, Vivid, and Lucid).
  • Ancient Battlerage Lunagem – Increases Triple Slash damage by +1%, +2%, and +3%
  • Ancient Witchcraft Lunagem – Increases Mitigation duration by +0.2s, +0.4s, and +0.6 seconds
  • Ancient Defense Lunagem – Increases Boastful Roar damage by +3%, +4%, and +5%
  • Ancient Auramancy Lunagem – Increases Liberation duration by +0.6s, +0.9s, and +1.2 seconds
  • Ancient Occultism Lunagem – Increases Stillness by +0.1s, +0.2s, and +0.3 seconds
  • Ancient Archery Lunagem – Increases Feral Mark duration by +0.2s, +0.4s, and +0.6 seconds
  • Ancient Sorcery Lunagem – Increases Arc Lightning damage by +2%, +3%, and +4%
  • Ancient Shadowplay Lunagem – Increases Rapid Strikes damage by +1%, +2%, and +3%
  • Ancient Songcraft Lunagem – Decreases Startling Strain cooldown by -0.3s, -0.5s, and -0.7 seconds
  • Ancient Vitalism Lunagem – Decreases the cast time of Revive by -0.2s, -0.4s, and -0.6 seconds

Eternal Lunagems can only be socketed in non-Auroria Waist Armor and are available in 3 tiers (Clear, Vivid, and Lucid).
  • Eternal Battlerage Lunagem – Increases Battle Focus duration by +0.4s, +0.8s, and +1.2 seconds
  • Eternal Witchcraft Lunagem – Decreases Enervate cooldown by -0.3s, -0.6s, and -0.9 seconds
  • Eternal Defense Lunagem – Increases the HP Healed with Revitalizing Cheer by +400, +600, and +800 HP
  • Eternal Auramancy Lunagem – Increased the duration of Inspired by +0.3s, +0.5s, and +0.7 seconds
  • Eternal Occultism Lunagem – Increases Hell Spear damage by +1%, +2%, and +3%
  • Eternal Archery Lunagem – Increases Piercing Shot damage by +1%, +2%, and +3%
  • Eternal Sorcery Lunagem – Decreases Frigid Tracks cast time by -0.2s, -0.3s, and -0.4 seconds
  • Eternal Shadowplay Lunagem – Increases Stalker’s Mark duration by +0.3s, +0.5s, and +0.7 seconds
  • Eternal Songcraft Lunagem – Increases Zeal duration by +0.3s, +0.5s, and +0.7 seconds
  • Eternal Vitalism Lunagem – Increases the HP Healed by Fervent Healing by +1%, +2%, and +3%

New Artistry Instruments
For those of you with music on the mind (or a tune you can't get out of your head), there are a few new instruments in town, and some important updates.

Beginning in our October Update (after 2.0), instruments will be moving out of the loyalty badge business and into the merit badge business! If you're saving up for an instrument and don't think you can get it soon, start saving up merit badges!

For those of you with Artistry, you can also craft some new instruments yourself:

110,000 Artistry: Triestes Cello
130,000 Artistry: Noryette's Centrebass
150,000 Artistry: Marianople Violin & Wyrdwind Viola
180,000 Artistry: Brahm's Notorious Melody

5 new decorative instrument versions can also be placed in your house. These do not require Artistry to craft, but they cannot be played.
  • Prince's Coinpurses can now drop multiple Archeum Trees and Braziers.
  • Lunagems now have a gold cost associated with socketing. Cost increases as more gems are socketed, but the first tier is free.
  • You may now auto-attempt to socket lunagems a set amount of times. This option will continue to the set number, regardless of failure or success.
  • The buffs provided by armor of heroic grades or higher have been revamped into ranks. Cloth features an increased Critical Hit Rate and Critical Heal Rate. Leather increases Critical Heal Amount and Critical Hit Damage. Plate increases your Parry Rate and Shield Block Rate.
  • Added waist armor that can be crafted with honor point materials and drops from some world bosses.
  • Added wrist armor that can be crafted at the Proven Warrior Workbench, using warrior’s medals and drops from Serpentis.
  • Mirage Warrior Weapons will be removed from the Proven Warrior’s Workbench and will not be included in the release of Heroes Awaken.
  • Added tier 11 and 12 Proven Warrior Necklaces. Also adjusted the amount of Warrior’s Medals used for each stage:
    - Stage 1: Set to 3 (was 10.)
    - Stage 2: Remains at 6
    - Stage 3: Remains at 9
    - Stage 4: Remains at 12
    - Stage 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: Set to 15 (was 12.)
    - Stage 11: New stage; requires 15 & 1 large jewelry mana wisp
    - Stage 12: New stage; requires 15 & 2 large jewelry mana wisp
  • Added 3 new lunastones that boost Critical Heal Bonus to the Honor Point Collectors.
  • Increased some stats and buffs on Howling Abyss Leather and Plate armor.
  • Added Spirit to Clubs from low-level dungeons.
  • Air-filled Sea Cherries can now be used to charge Underwater Breathing Devices.
  • Changed the set effect of Sea Serpent’s Malice and Reverse Thornscale Shield.
  • Added healing critical rate to the Cunning Thief armor and Purified Monk armor set effects.
  • Adjusted the set effect of Dancing Queen’s Ruin and Blooddrinker Blossom.
  • Certain consumables with effects can no longer be stacked. The effects for Spellbook: Brick Wall and Spellbook: Unstoppable Force can’t be active simultaneously. Alchemy potion effects for Physical and Magic Defense can’t be active simultaneously.
  • Added a new dungeon boss drop, the Companion’s Growthstone. This is a growthstone that will offer your pet additional experience when used.
  • Improved the unidentified item icon.
  • Unidentified Accessories now give a randomly graded Accessory.
  • Failing a Halcyona Necklace unsealing now downgrades the item to tier 6, as opposed to rank 4.
  • There's a new steamfish on the block, and it's hiding in a world drop near you. Good luck!

Castle siege schedules have changed to a three week cycle where all sieges occur on the same week followed by a 2 week peace period.
  • Week 1: Nuimari, Heedmar, Marcala and Calmlands are all simultaneous siege targets
  • Week 2: No sieges
  • Week 3: No sieges
  • Siege schedule repeats with Week 1

Fishing and Gathering
  • Removed the warning window that appears when butchering certain types of livestock: Pig, Water Buffalo, Turkey.
  • Adjusted the amount of Vocation Badges granted through Sport Fishing, and adjusted the Sport Fishing content.
    - Different types of fish schools have been combined into two: Saltwater Fish School for the 4 saltwater sport fish and Freshwater Fish School for the 3 freshwater sport fish.
    - Different types of fish school baits have been combined into two: Chopped Mackerel for saltwater sport fish and Chum for freshwater sport fish.
    - Some fish school bait items have been discontinued. (Chopped Squid/Roosterfish/Sardine/Pike can no longer be purchased, but existing items can still be used to activate fish schools.)
    - Increased the saltwater sport fish sale price. (freshwater sport fish price remains same)
    - All dropped Sport Fish Packs now disappear after 5 minutes.
  • Updated the Mirage Isle Fish-Fest.
    - The fishing contest now has only one category to compete in: Sport Fishing.
    - Reduced the duration of the contest from 2 hours to 1 hour, and changed the contest time to Saturdays at 7pm-8pm GMT.
    - Reduced the health of the Pink Marlin that spawns for the contest.
    - While fishing, there's now a random chance that a Treasure Mimic can appear; dropping 1-3 Fisher King Coins or Soprere's Frog.
    - Duration of the Mirage Fishing Rod from Surprise Helper’s quest is now 1 hour to match the event.
    - Decreased the number of Mirage Lure rewards from the quest.
    - The Surprise Helper no longer sells "Lucid Mirage Fishing Rod: 2 Hour”.
    - Added Bugira's Coin and Pink Octopus Fishing Hat items to the Contest Coin Collector.

  • Added 60 new Lunagem recipes.
  • Changed the recipes for Construction Material bundles. Previously crafted bundles can be disintegrated to recover the materials and a small bound labor potion.
  • Added two new craftable storage chests that can store Relics and Books.
  • Changed the minimum level requirement for some Blue Salt daily quests:
    - Guerilla Marketing, A Rare Perfume: Minimum level 40+
    - Raising a Wild Horse, Raising a Wild Elk, Raising a Malfunctioning Leomorph, Raising a Wild Snowlion: Minimum level 50+
  • Crafting or selling a Specialty pack now costs 70 Labor.
  • Crafting a Multi-Purpose Aging Larder now costs 65 Labor.
  • Crafting an Aged specialty pack now costs 70 labor.

  • When the following hostile zones enter War, raids are now formed automatically: Ynystere, Cinderstone Moor, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Rookborne Basin, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla, Karkasse Ridgelands.
  • Reduced the peace duration in the following zones to 3 hours from 4: Ynystere, Cinderstone Moor, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Rookborne Basin, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla.
  • Old Jars around the Sea of Drowned Love now have a 1-minute cooldown between interactions.
  • The Diamond Shores Worldgate in major cities can now teleport players to the Diamond Shores housing area OR to the Ayanad Library portal location.
  • Theatres in Marianpole and Austera now have the same sound effects as the Caernord Opera House, and improved lighting. Added more instruments so all theatres now have a grand piano, cello, contrabass, and drumset.
  • The Ocleera Rift is temporarily unavailable in this version. It will be added in a later version. Keep your "eye" out.
  • You can now teleport directly to Dungeon entrances via the Teleport Book. When a party leader teleports, the rest of the group receive a notification.
  • Characters no longer have collision with the Distorted Dimension Repair Bench in Serpentis and Sea of Drowned Love.
  • Increased general drop rates from all overworld mobs.

Zone Modifications
  • Austera: Moved the Worldgate and related NPCs to the front of the Hero hall.
  • Mahadevi: Changed Arsakes’ faction to West Ishvara.
  • Cinderstone Moor, Ynystere: Added Gold and Item traders in these zones.
  • Marianople, Austera: Moved the recall bind to inside the hero hall.
  • Marianople: Placed a mailbox and warehouse manager nearer to the crafting area.
  • Two Crowns: Improved the terrain textures in the underground sewers.
  • Karkasse: Modified parts of the Aust Spy Camp.
  • Karkasse: Moved the Haranya respawn point closer to the Red Dragon’s Keep. Haranyans will also respawn here during War.
  • Growlgate Isle: Added a Fish Stand and Artistry Workbench. Moved some of the barrel objects on the shores.
  • Heedmar: Added a new Skill Manager.
  • Hasla: Vyravas no longer spawn in Hasla.
  • Increased the level and ranks of some General, Strong, and Elite NPCs.

Instanced Dungeons
  • Added a 2H Club and Cloth Armor for Healer in Serpentis. It's real.

A new type of dungeon entry system has been added. Details are as follows:
  • Enter high level dungeons (Lv50-55) twice a day for free. Requires a Superior Grinding Guardian Scroll for additional entries.
  • Enter lower level dungeons (up to Lv49) five times a day for free. Requires a Grinding Guardian Scroll for additional entries.
  • Grinding Guardian Scrolls and Superior Grinding Guardian Scrolls can be purchased from General Merchants.
  • Previously used dungeon entry tokens can be sold to NPC merchants and can no longer be used.
  • Adjusted the criteria of the instance dungeon boss quests for Novice and Experienced Adventurers.
  • Added daily dungeon quests that grant experience. Quests can be accepted from task boards or are automatically accepted when players enter the dungeon for the first time that day.
  • Added an entrance to the Heart of Ayanad instance in Evening Botanica inside the Ayanad Library. This boss is also a target for the epic library quest.
  • Improved the appearance of dungeon entrances for Palace Cellar, Howling Abyss, Kroloal Cradle, Serpentis, and Sea of Drowned Love.
  • Added dungeon-exclusive item workbenches at the entrance to each dungeon.

Golden Plains Battle
  • Added a taskboard where Battle for the Golden Plains quests can be completed. These can also be completed with the Nuia Alliance Guard Captain, Harani Alliance Guard Captain, and the Mercenary Quartermaster.
  • Changed the layout of the Golden Plains Battle Supplies that spawn when the battle begins. These now also respawn after being used.
  • Only characters level 30 and higher can obtain the Proven Warrior’s Chest.

Abyssal Attack
  • Abyssal Attack now takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, down from every day of the week.
  • When the Abyssal Kraken is killed, Luscas spawn around Whirlpool Isle.
  • Healing skills no longer work on the Ocean Guardstone. Increased the Guardstone’s health slightly. Increased the damage dealt by the Aftereffect debuff triggered when the Ocean’s Guardstone is destroyed.
  • Slightly increased the number of times the Abyssal Crystal can be mined. Added a Small Abyssal Crystal from which Abyssal Crystal can be mined. These spawn in the same location as the Ocean’s Guardstone.
  • You cannot place drydocks while under the Abyssal Burden debuff.

  • Players now gain 6 points for destroying Anthalon’s Shackles and claiming the base.
  • Players now gain 3 points for destroying the weakened versions of Anthalon’s Shackles and claiming the base.
  • Anthalon’s Shackles Remnants can now be used in combat.
  • Players can now steal enemy teams’ points by destroying their Anthalon’s Shackles and taking control of the base.
  • Destroying the Anthalon’s Shackles spawned at the start of the battle does not reward points.
  • Bonus points and points lost are now displayed on the scoreboard.
  • Removed the peace zone in the basin beneath the Crimson Altar.
  • Added a quest pointing players toward the Mistmerrow battles.

Lusca Awakening
  • Takes place at 10pm GMT each day at one of three set locations within the Sea of Graves. You can use the Abyssal Attack Worldgate to join in.
  • Added and changed some related quests and NPCs.
  • Luscas can only be killed with Siege damage and additional item drops.

World Bosses
  • Changed Delphinad Ghost Ship spawn schedule to respawn after 12 hours. Reduced some skills’ casting time and increased damage. Increased some skills’ range.
  • Leviathan: Changed the quest completion location of the Leviathan Salvage quest, as Diamond Shores itself has changed.

  • Characters in arenas cannot be invited to parties.
  • Modified the Polestar and the turrets inside the Arena. They are now level 55 (up from 50), their difficulty is now Epic (was strong), and they have received damage reduction to Melee, Ranged, and Magic attacks.

  • Updated the intro video and loading screens for 2.0. Get. Hype.