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    Our CM has done a fine job in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedBaron View Post
    Hello all,

    Please show your support to Celestrata.

    She must be really upset and under pressure now but she is not to blame for this.

    We love you Celestrata!
    finally people that understand how the industry ppl feel <3
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    After the hard work, This thread is just a little appreciation for Celestrata. Thank you again <3

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    CM for a MMO is a hard job. You have the trolls that are just looking for a reaction, and that is 1/3 of these forums. After sifting through that you have to deal with the people with unreasonable requests and demands. Tech support has a separate forum, and billing/account support has another, but people come here with everything. Many threads are based around things Trion has no control over since they just publish this game (game mechanics, pvp balance, etc), and then you finally come to threads of real issues and feedback, and when stuff happens like this weekend there are hundreds of them and a CM has to choose what they do and do not respond too. I work as a technical analyst for a major company and sometimes I have to take care of escalated complaints that went through multiple levels. Many people think if they yell loud enough, escalate high enough, that they will get what they want and they will treat every support person they encounter like s*** on there way there. Unfortunately for them if they reach me I look at their account for how much they pay a year, and their billing history, and if I feel the company would be better off without them I can make that call and tell them I will disconnect them with no penalties if that is what they want. Celestrata can't do that. Instead she has to just ignore the unreasonable, self entitled people, at the same time that she has to apologize to everyone for the screw ups of her employers. More power to her.

    I posted the good will hunting clip in jest, but the customer service/tech support and other customer facing jobs like this can take its toll on people. Seriously Celestrata the worst of the posts and the anger some people express is towards the company. People that are happy rarely come by to say thanks. In my opinion you are doing a great job as CM. I couldn't imagine having to sort through all of the crap on this forum and being the name that everyone calls out when they are unhappy. Some people want to push your buttons, but don't ever let them stay on your mind when you leave work. If it gets to be too much, move on. These positions are very hard to work long term.

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