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  Click here to go to the first Archeage Team post in this thread.   Thread: trion at least give us a final time do you know we all waiting in front of pc here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soronir View Post
    I took a day off of work today. I'm working again tomorrow. If the game doesn't come up *today* I'm going to get ruined tomorrow. Won't be able to get on until very late at night. x_x
    Work > Game, Always.
    I worked today, even though I got home 3 hours after expected launch.
    I'm off the next 2 days

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    archeage is a good game but i have fed up so much by trion, last time i got a bugged situation about to get the kraken eye item from killed kraken but i got nothing 3 times after i killed it in a row then i post my request ask gm, and he answered me back said"you need normal attack instead of cannon ammos shot"...tell me how could you possible kill kraken with normal attack?, these ppl even not playing this game and know nothing but keep ruining this.Remember last time on friday streaming no one of these game producter or manager can give a correct answer "what focus it is?" so tell me How hard to make an announcement telling ppl "what time server get back?"

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    they can not tell you what they do not know, remember Auroria roll out ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scapes View Post
    We're working to establish a new ETA for the servers now. Updates will be announced in this thread:
    Delay it 1 day, restart tomorrow, same time.
    Rollback or burn.
    Get some sleep, clean the built, TEST it.
    Permit placement of objects for 1hr after launch.

    gn, cya later.

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