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    Heroes Awaken Update: Staggered launch on 9/13, server rollbacks, and compensation

    Greetings Adventurers,

    As many of you are aware, earlier today we attempted to launch Update 2.0, Heroes Awaken, to ArcheAge. While the lands of Erenor were ready for you, our Glyph authentication systems unfortunately encountered an error that did not allow a large number of people to connect and join the launch. After reviewing our logs, only 10% of players who attempted to log in made it into the game. Over 90% of you were unable to join the launch of Update 2.0.

    ArcheAge 2.0 is the culmination of months of work by the ArcheAge team here at Trion and XLGAMES, and the errors that were caused were solely in Glyph’s Authentication. The game is stable, and none of these problems were related to Update 2.0 or our Server Evolutions in any way.

    Our Glyph team continues to investigate the bug that caused this error, and will be working to make sure it is solved and solid before we make any attempt to re-open the game. Because we do not have an official time for when this Glyph Authentication issue will be solved, and because our European adventurers have stayed up very late, we will be delaying both our North American and European launches until tomorrow, September 13, 2015.

    We’ve learned a great deal from our Auroria launch and, thanks to XL's work, the ArcheAge code base has changed drastically since then. While it was previously not possible to perform a rollback, the Update 2.0 code allows for us to choose to roll the servers back. We are taking the learnings of Auroria to heart, and we are going to do what we can to make sure we are delivering to you the launch you deserve.

    Because this small number of users was able to claim a significant advantage in placing land over the majority of users, Khrolan and Amary have made the decision to perform a controlled rollback across all servers. The goal of this rollback is to set everyone back to even ground – the same ground we had during our launch at 1 PM today – so we can give everyone a fair shot at participating in this launch.

    All servers will be rolled back to the state they were in prior to today’s launch entirely. All Marketplace Purchases and APEX purchases will be refunded. If you used an APEX in the 30 minutes the game was available today, those credits will be removed from your character.

    Additionally, we will be splitting the launch of Heroes Awaken by region and by server type. We are targeting to open our European servers 1:00 PM GMT (3:00 PM CEST) on September 13, followed by our North American servers opening at 1:00 PM PDT (4 PM EDT) on September 13. Our Legacy servers will be opened first, our Evolution servers will open second, and our Fresh Start servers will open last. There will be a half-hour delay between each server type opening.

    These times are estimates, and may be pushed back if the authentication error is not solved.

    The team is currently also will be adding in an additional package to apologize for the issues that everyone experienced during this ArcheAge launch. What will be included is still being decided, and we will have more information regarding that in the coming week.

    Adventurers, we apologize for the issues you encountered and how they tarnished this highly-anticipated launch. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, and we will continue to work through the night to make sure these issues are resolved.

    The ArcheAge Team

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    So exactly what i said? Good job trion

    Did a damn good job with this change, very nice response ty ty ty
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    This is absurd - You'd darned well better compensate the people who got in and dropped their plots where they wanted them. Theft twice over? Really?

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    ty for rollback c:
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    no no no no no ♥♥♥♥ this

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    well, there goes my weekend to play archeage. Not going to come back up till monday. FFS

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    Well I hope no one had plans tomorrow.
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    great, i have to work so this is still screwing me, at least some other people will get a second chance...


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    bring them online now....

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