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    Quote Originally Posted by romonster View Post
    Housing in our version should stay as it is in the Korean version. With the updates that are on the horizon shifting emphasis more and more toward Auroria, where there are no safe zones to speak of, and with the advent of cross-faction player nations, I expect the southern continents will naturally become less important anyway.

    But the most compelling argument for keeping housing areas as they are has nothing to do with what happens in game; it is the fact that XL really is not very good at revision control. The more our version deviates from the Korean version, the more likely it is that a future patch will break something in our version because they overlooked some difference between them. For superficial things such as the cash shop, this matters little. But the mechanics surrounding housing are deep in the core of the game, where the potential for mistakes to have far-reaching effects on other aspects of the game is tremendous.
    2.9 is so going to disappoint you lol. While the updates are in Auroria, the NA/EU castle ownership is going to ensure that their ownership and dominance only goes from 'difficult' to 'throw in towel.' They will be the only ones with player factions in servers where a player faction could mean 60-70% of the entire server's pvping population. They will have an absolute advantage on lord's coins. And there's not enough gear or players left to stop it.

    Your dragon fights will now be 200-300 same factioned (with no color confusion players vs people who have color confusions).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata Bloodsong View Post
    [*]The housing zone protection lasts only during periods of rising conflict. Should the zone reach War, the safe zone is removed.
    Can you check if this works as announced/intended, Growlgate Pirate isle is in permanent war but pirates cannot be attacked in the housing area unless they attack you first. So it functions alike to a safe newbie zone of that faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silentravin View Post
    So what I took away from your post is to stop being lazy and get my guild to organize pvp in the area to push it to war...in other words farm each other. Ok cool so I present to you exhibit A


    This is a post of Celestra stating that yoor not allowed to farm each other for the pure sake of pushing a place to war. So your logic is defeated right there. At sea it's always war so it doesn't matter.
    Now to my right I'd like to show you exhibit B

    Stop being a nitwit. Heres the quote you linked:

    Quote Originally Posted by Celestra
    So, look, let me say this in another way.

    If you're out there with your buddies actually legitimately doing some PvP and having fun in a zone, then you're playing the game right and you're not trying to abuse mechanics. If you're out there trying to game the system so you can push a zone and run packs because you can't muster a guard, you're not really playing in the spirit of the game. The amount of kills it takes to flip a zone at this point have been reduced. Zones should be flipping through their phases much more routinely.

    It sounds like you have friends. And it sounds like you want to run packs. I mean, that's what I'm guessing from the request to get a zone to peace. Why not just get those friends to guard you while you run? It's much easier and much more fun than killing alts over and over again. What's life without risk, after all?
    I helped you out with some bolds and an underline.

    Now pull yer droopy pants back up over your butt-cheeks there "Roscoe", help all yer buddies figure out how to tie their shoes . . . .

    . . . and MAKE PvP happen by actually organizing and heading into a zone to do it.

    Oh wait . . . you want the game to theme park all that for you. (/rubstemples)
    If you are going to Sand Box a blockade, Sand Box demands you have the mojo to hold and maintain it - not coast on the code to do it for you in safe zones. - Bramble

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