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Thread: Library drops... from bad to bugged to worse

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    Library drops... from bad to bugged to worse

    I can't figure out what this Library is all about.

    Essentially, the place where Ayanad designs drop. Except none of the people I know have ever dropped one since Library was introduced.
    The place where you complete the chain quests for Ayanad Earring - except I haven't even heard of someone who has it yet on my server at least, plus the amount of farming made everyone simply ignore this earring's existence.
    The place where coinpurses with better gold drop - except the amount of labor required is nowhere near balanced and the purses drop 80% less materials than the normal ones + no trees and braziers.
    The place where you could farm Ayanad costume - except this was bugged and then the costume scraps were only attainable through "Scholar Researh Bundles"..... and here it starts:

    it costs 20 labor to open a coinpurse... in 30 coinpurses that ate 600 labor points, I got 2 Archeum dusts and 15 gold + this Scholar Research Bundle. You would think this bundle replaced the green coinpurses from before, right? The purses that got bugged, that were required for larceny master title and the same purses that were actually semi-worth the labor investment because they used to drop some fe gold coins...
    Oh well. Scholar Research Bundles require 150 labor to open. They give no gold. They give a couple costume scraps instead. And mine had no archeum in it...

    What is the purpose of this? I thought you made the coinpurses in order to prevent mindless bot grinding of gold, since it depended on labor... But this is just a labor sink now. A horrible one. Why aren't the costume scraps still obtainable through direct drop??? Why do I have to open countless absolutely terrible purses in order to get a "chance" to another labor sink and some useless scraps?

    And what aabout larceny quest? These bundles won't work for it. Green bags still dont drop...
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    Just pray that they introduce the designs in the merit shop like in the other versions, I farm the library loads of times for hours on end, and so far in the 2.5 patch I havent had a drop of a design.

    All my design drops have been before that heroes patch.

    So far yesterday I finally got a lib weapon drop again, and to my surprise also a armor drop, but truth be told they arent worth the labor anyway, the armor for 200 labor is ok ish, but the weapon to open is 600 and basically drops an slightly better epherium weapon, but since the drop rate is so low people just farm the eye for their weapon or already have delph+
    so it's just scrap.
    The labor used to open the coinpurses I dont really know if it is balanced, the problem is I think they are hesitant in making it a massive influx of gold, as it then becomes a bot frenzy I think, larceny gives no added value besides the labor reductions which kind of is sad.
    The new chests, make farming for a library costume easy now so that market niche is dead as well, since everyone will now be able to farm it easy if they want it, i mean you basically need to do your dailies a week, and you have a costume, this was far more difficult as to what it was, so why would anyone do that, it's not worth the time when others can get them this easy.
    Added benefit of the new chests is that they drop a fair amount of archeum, so far I might have been lucky but I have been getting decent amounts of archeum all types, but also essences.
    But if you are only doing it for the profit, then I would suggest farming normal mobs, it's sad that the library they wanted to be active hotspot for farming to be this dead as it is.
    I'm on the shatigon server and when I go to the lib I pretty much see 5 to 6 people farming, and usually the same people, and some lower level guys trying to level up, other then that it is pretty much dead.
    You are not going to see a massive influx of ayanad designs from the library so trion should just consider what XL did to the other versions, and intro duce them in the merrit badge shop.


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