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Thread: Suggestion: Improve public farms

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    Suggestion: Improve public farms

    Public farms are of marginal use they need improvements.


    Public farms are no doubt the 'gating mechanic' as it were for patron land purchase enticement. Thats great but they are under utilized assets and can and should be improved for both patron and non patron.

    1a) non patron expand the number and variety of plants that can be planted there. not everything but little bit more.
    1b) patron can now plant bundles 2-5 of any type.

    2)new gilda quests at all three types of public farm. The precedent is set by the raise a malfunctioning X mount gilda dailys lets have things like "plant a tree for the planet" and "farmer bob wants a chicken for dinner later grow a chicken at the public farm" gilda dailies.

    3a) non patron can plant a few more tree varieties
    3b) patron can plant all tree varieties

    4a) non patron protected timer remains 24hrs
    4b)patron protected extended to 72hrs

    Do you agree that this is something that could be a positive feature?

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    while I do think this is completely fair I do not believe it will be implemented because the only people who use the public farms are F@P at this oint and as koonkoon would say you no pay you no win....

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    I understand paywalls but is public farming and prohibiting varieties of trees/plants in small quantities enough of a motivator to get someone to buy patron if they wouldn't otherwise? Or wouldn't this addition be a good community game resource for paying non paying alike?

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    I completely agree it would be a positive influence on the game I feel that really on f2p would use it anyway because p2p have their land and woudlnt want to gio through the effort and as it stands with how limited the amount you can plant on the public farms is 100% useless

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    If it is used as a gating mechanic for patron purposes to whet people's appetite, it seems to be a poor one. Noone gets patron so they can get their sweet 8x8 for farming... 8's are used for pack staging and blocking for bigger properties. Maybe trees I see 4 cedars most often if used like that.

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    If you were able to put bundles down one individual player would take too much space. I used public farms when my character was 20 or so... I didn't have any prof or patron so they were nice to use. Remember the 24 hr usage is still in place so having long term trees wouldn't work unless u want someone else to get them.

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    Since we are talking about improving the public farms any of this is up for debate. Bundles could be limited to say 3. The protected time could be extended to 48hrs and so on. Right now they are quite pointless in many respects.

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    If you're going to do anything to public farms forget bundles, you're thinking about bundles from a patron view point, in which case they may sort of be worth it. But due to the fact that you don't really get much back, in actuality its a waste of labor and seeds. Scale that over to a F2P labor pool and its a huge hit. F2P is better off planting singles. Now if you wanna raise that cap of how many singles they can plant in a public farm sure. But ultimately none of that will matter unless the public farms have more options for plants that can be placed there. Thats the first step. Allow public farms the capability to plant pines, or aloe, or cotton, etc etc etc. Without that option public farms will forever be useless.

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    Thank you Andromeda Delux that's the point to try and give suggestions so that the public farms are not useless. All seeds should be allowed. The cap can be raised on quantity. The time limit on protection can be extended.

    The word POINTLESS fully describes what public farms are.

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    updates created, I'd really like to see public farms be improved. Your input is greatly appreciated.

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